Once being strong man, retired police general Do Huu Ca capitulated

When talking about police Major General Do Huu Ca, people remember Doan Van Vuon, a farmer whose land was stolen. The Doan Van Vuon case shows the audacity of the Communist government.

They stole people’s land so  blatantly that farmer Doan Van Vuon had to stand up with a gun and fight against a huge number of soldiers and policemen to protect his family’s property. Of course, Mr. Vuon had to capituliate.

While surrounding Mr. Vuon’s house, Do Huu Ca – the leader of the attack, told the press that this was a “beautiful battle” that could be written into a police training book. This made people curse Do Huu Ca, however, for the Party, this was a turning point, marking the Party’s stronger use of force to grab people’s land.

Since the Doan Van Vuon incident, the Communist government has become more and more arrogant, more aggressive and crueller, clearly showing its brutality in the Dong Tam incident.

After retiring, Ca received VND35 billion ($1.5 million) to settle the tax evasion case but was caught by Major General Dinh Van Noi, director of Quang Ninh Police Department. While in office, Do Huu Ca was a brutal police officer, disregarding the law and doing everything, but when his power ran out, he had to “show his hands to be tied” before a junior. It’s bittersweet for a life as a former strong man.

In addition, Ca is also very good at “doing business.” After most generals and colonels retire, those who “rely on them” also stay away, because when their power has gone, their ability to handle work is no longer there. However, thanks to great acquaintances from his time in office, even though he is no longer in power, there were still people who brought VND35 billion to ask him to settle the case. This is a lucrative business, even the current police general is envious. The story one police general arresting another, on the surface, is to fight corruption and clean up the apparatus, but the real motive behind it is to destroy opponents and competitors to take over business.

While in office, former investigator of “corruption crimes” Bui Trung Kien received $3.7 million to settle a criminal case, and Deputy Director of Hanoi Police Major General Nguyen Anh Tuan received $2.65 million, etc. Meanwhile, Do Huu Ca, even though retired, still managed to get VND35 billion.

On February 20, a series of newspapers reported that the People’s Procuracy of Quang Ninh province completed the indictment of former Major General Do Huu Ca, along with Truong Xuan Duoc and his wife, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh and 10 other defendants.

It seems that the Do Huu Ca case has ended, and he will also appear in court to receive his sentence. However, the sentence he receives will depend on the results of the “trading” behind the scenes. Perhaps, Ca understands more than anyone else about the word “exemption” and what it can bring to him. Surely, Ca is not short of money, it’s just a matter of whether he wants to “share” it for his comrades to enjoy or not.

Regardless of the trial outcome, Ca is truly out of time. Before being arrested, Ca was no longer in power, but still had connections and money. After the trial, perhaps Ca’s money will run out. No one will believe in the ability of a police general who is in prison for manipulating criminal procedures to escape. “Potential customers” will look for officials with more real power, and the criminal justice market continues to be vibrant.

Punishing one Do Huu Ca cannot eliminate the entire underground market running this lucrative crime.

As for Dinh Van Noi, it is clear that he benefited a lot after capturing Do Huu Ca. Noi’s work against Ca was applauded by the people, terrifying the officials because it was clear that this police general had no respect at all. And the biggest gain is most likely “business connections” because in this regime no one is pure, it’s just that those who “taking bribery but knows how to hide it.”

Such is the nature of this regime, when Ca shows off his “beautiful battle” and is flattered by the press, because simply, Ca is helping the Party “rule the people” even though what he is doing is wrong. However, when he retired, Ca’s sins were exposed by the Party.

Every Vietnamese official is the same, every police general is the same, they wear masks before the people, but their real faces are completely different, it’s just that some have been exposed, others have not.

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