Strengthening special envoys for vehicle registration centers after closing 9 centers due to violations, how many others have not been exposed?

Ho Chi Minh City Police held a press conference to announce the results of the investigation of the case

The Vietnam Register has just issued a decision to dispatch 12 inspectors to Ho Chi Minh City to support motor vehicle inspection activities to prevent congestion at a number of inspection centers in the city.

On the afternoon of December 26, Mr. Nguyen Duc Toan, Deputy Head of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department, under the Vietnam Register, told the domestic journalists that recently, a number of registration centers in HCM City was forced to suspend operations. The city has 19 registration units and 49 inspection lines. Due to their violations, 8/19 centers and 20/49 lines had to suspend their operations. The consequences are that there has been a working overload at some registration centers.

Not many people are surprised about this case, many people are just surprised why the police have only discovered the case until now. Because the cars not meeting the standard,  enlarged or too old vehicles as well as their quality is not guaranteed… still participate in traffic, polluting the environment and causing accidents for decades now.

Previously, on December 20, the HCM City’s Police held a press conference to announce the results of the investigation into the ring of giving bribes, accepting bribes, and forging documents at 9 registration centers in the city and neighboring provinces of  Long An, Tien Giang, Soc Trang, and Dong Thap. The city’s Police have issued a decision to probe the case “Bribery brokering, giving bribes, accepting bribes, forging at work“; probed the accused, and detained a number of people, including many leaders and registry officers, for the acts of “broking brokers”, “giving bribes”, “receiving bribes” and “forging in go on bussiness“. After that, the city’s Police continued to expand the case and arrested more people. As of the afternoon of December 28, the total number of people arrested in this case was 43 people.

The incident was “discovered” through the process of patrolling and checking traffic. During the inspection, the city’s Police “discovered” many vehicles participating in traffic that were not enough to ensure technical safety, for example: trucks, dump trucks, truck trunks; the wheel is not the right size; worn tires, blurred number plates… but still granted “Certificate of technical safety and environmental protection.”

Ho Chi Minh City police search at a registration center

Combining the people’s denunciations and the results of information exchange between the professional departments, the HCM City’s Police have “detected” signs of wrongdoing and negative in the issuance of “Certificate of technical safety and environmental sanitation” for motor vehicles in a number of registration centers. Since then, the city police have uncovered the case and seized many related documents and evidences.

The strange thing here is, the traffic police have been patrolling and checking traffic for a long time, but the fact that the cars are not up to standard, the cars have been participating in traffic for several decades, but people everyone knows. Why has the traffic police “discovered” until now? Or is this just a case of “judgment” according to instructions? Or because the traffic police have been “busy looking for bribery” for a long time, so they didn’t detect it?

According to the Vietnam Register, the number of registration centers is too large compared to the number of vehicles. Many units invest in the method of socialization, leading to unfair competition and easy inspection to attract customers. But this is not the root cause, the core problem here is that the registration centers receive “bribery” so they must be lenient. Because ordinary people can see with the naked eye that there are many vehicles that violate safety standards and environmental protection standards, why do not inspection officers know?

Currently, the whole country has 280 registration centers, of which 64 centers belong to the Department of Transport, 216 centers are socialized, most concentrated in HCM City and Hanoi.

After detecting a series of irregularities in the registration centers, the interdisciplinary working group will conduct a general inspection of all registration centers nationwide starting from January 1, 2023 and the Department of Registering will lead the process. Mistakes occurred in the registry industry, but let the Vietnam Register take the lead to inspect, it would not be fair. The Ministry of Public Security should get involved.

A center was closed due to a violation (Translated)