State President’s fraction investigates Ciputra project involving Party Chief. What is outcome?

At the 17th session of the Hanoi People’s Council, which took place on July 3, violations at the Ciputra project 20 years ago were brought up. The Director of Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment said that his hepartment’s leaders were criticized for this.

The state-controlled media said that, according to delegate Vu Ngoc Anh, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has sent Official Dispatch 8601 to the Hanoi People’s Committee, from November 29, 2022. However, for nearly 2 years, the Hanoi People’s Committee along with the Department of Planning and Investment have always wanted not to talk about this case.

The Ciputra project was determined to have caused the state to lose VND3 trillion ($120 million) 20 years ago. This is a very large sum. This project is associated with the “birthmark” of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, when he was Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee. Ciputra and Nguyen Phu Trong are likened to Thu Thiem and Le Thanh Hai.

According to the opinions of some knowledgeable people, the Ministry of Planning and Investment wants to re-open the Ciputra case in 2022, under the direction of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

At that time, Chinh was facing turbulence with then State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, regarding the responsibility of being the leader in the rescue flight and Viet A projects. That was said to be the Prime Minister’s counterattack, aimed at the General Secretary, implying that “if you hit me, I will open your family’s septic tank.” In fact, now, Phuc has gone but Chinh is still safe.

That was a sign of compromise, both sides retreated, Chinh keeps his position and Trong’s birthmark was also covered.

At this time, suddenly the Ciputra case was exposed again, causing public opinion to question whether this was an attack by someone, targeting the party chief?

These types of “opening the lid” are always a sign of battles between factions. The person who was beaten was clearly the General Secretary, but who was beaten is still a mystery. Using the exclusion method, we see that this is probably the State President’s move.

Currently, To Lam is still shaking hands with PM Chinh. Instructing the ministerial level to press down on the Hanoi government, no one else can but the government leader. In terms of motivation, the PM has no need to take down the General Secretary, because if he were to be taken down, someone else would benefit, not him.

So, most likely, the State President asked the PM to re-examine this Ciputra case. A whole forest of negativity is waiting to be uncovered, and the person who is discredited is none other than the current General Secretary.

Currently, State President Lam has overcome most of the obstacles, only a “breath” away from reaching the finish line of General Secretary Trong. As long as Trong is still alive, Lam will still not feel secure. Because the longer the time, the more opportunities there are for those who are scheming, good at sneaking up, and are “pretending” to shake hands with him. It was necessary to push the General Secretary Trong out of his position to avoid “a long night full of uncertainties.”

Lam is in a hurry, but Trong is keeping his breath, refusing to stop breathing. There is a high possibility that the General Secretary will have to use all his last breath and live happily with his former disciples to protect his last honor on the throne.

It seems that the last days of General Secretary Trong’s life were not peaceful. State President Lam is like a ferocious beast, will do everything to achieve his goal. As for Trong, he is an experienced “godfather.” Even though his strength is weak, he does not surrender easily. The General Secretary’s people in the Secretariat account for more than half of the Politburo; at the same time, the permanent seat of the Secretariat is held by an army general. It is not easy for Lam to take actions against Trong to force him step down.


Was the Ciputra case blown up by State President Lam, or was it forced to sink by the hands of the old man lying on the hospital bed? Let’s see!


Tran Chuong –