Dirty-BOT-fighting queen Hue Nhu calls for SOS

To make it public so that the police doesn’t have to search and implicate innocent people who know me, I clearly state:

After kidnapping me when I returned from Hanoi on May 13, 2024, due to insufficient evidence to accuse me, you released me but forbid me to speak up.

Because I refused to stay silent, you guys intended to kidnap me again.

On May 31, 2024, while I was having lunch at my friend’s house in Bach Thuan commune, Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province, policemen in a white car and 2 others on a motorbike were waiting near my friend’s house. Everyone in the village discovered something unusual, so I decided to jump out of the second floor window and escape to the back street, leaving my car and personal belongings behind. I suffered scratches all my limbs.

Because it was not safe to return to my home in Thai Binh, I went to visit my friend’s house in Nam Dinh. For unknown reasons, security agents found where I stayed and surrounded the area. At that time, luckily, the sky suddenly turned dark, rained heavily, and thunder boomed, so I had to risk jumping over the roof and jumping over the neighbor’s roof to escape.

I have videos as evidence. I don’t feel safe right now so I don’t dare contact anyone about my temporary location. When it’s okay, I’ll come back.

Today one of my friends- whom police think knowing where I am – was summoned for the second time (In the first time he was detained for 3 days).

As a conscientious friend, when he was forced to become an insider, he panicked and declared that he would commit suicide if he was forced to do it, because he did not know about my activities.

Currently, I hold the Vietnamese record for being the woman kidnapped the most times (3 times), 2 times by the Thai Binh police and one time by the Hanoi police.

That’s clear. Please stop, don’t hurt innocent people.

I hope the online community will speak up to help me!