Monk Minh Nhuan accuses Vietnamese police of raiding and arresting monk Thich Minh Tue and others

According to monk Minh Nhuan’s report, at around 1-2 a.m. on June 3, 2024, police deployed dozens of buses to the place where monk Thich Minh Tue and his alms-begging group were sleeping.

Every monk was escorted by two policemen into special vehicles and took them away.

Monk Minh Nhuan reported the incident on his Facebook account on June 3:

“My dharma name is Minh Nhuan, I joined the same group of monk Minh Tue. At one or two o’clock last night, there were a few 16-seat buses and a 24-seat bus with green license plate 81 [registered in Gia Lai province]. There were also a few 16-seat buses with license plate number 75 [registered in Thua Thien-Hue province]. While everyone in the group was sleeping, they (the police) rushed in one by one, it held everyone’s hands, two policemen took one monk. The group has seventy or so monks, they were probably about a hundred or so policemen. They took the monks to the buses and drove away, one direction to the south, one direction to the north.

But I don’t know where Master Minh Tue and everyone are now. I and some monks were taken to Ky Trung ward police station in Ha Tinh province, and interrogated. They asked me to sign a commitment and that, forcing me to sign. But I wasn’t in the same group, and I didn’t violate the law, but while I didn’t violate the law, I didn’t do anything. It is against the law that they do so. I refused to cooperate, so they took me to an empty lot, far from Ha Tinh city. They released me right here, so I ran into the people’s house and informed everyone that Master Minh Tu and other monks were being escorted to unknown places. So everyone share so that the online community and authorities, government, and police can investigate and clarify.

After detaining Buddhist monk Thich Minh Tue, the Vietnamese government published in the state-controlled newspapers “Mr. Le Anh Tu (Thich Minh Tue) has voluntarily stopped walking to beg for alms.”

Vietnamese police arrested monk Thich Minh Tue and other wondering monks on the morning of June 3, 2024, while they were sleeping (photo shared on social networks).

Monk Thich Minh Tue was taken to the police station for fingerprinting (photo: Social Network)

Video of the Vietnamese Police convoy carrying monk Thich Minh Tue and other wondering monks divided into 3 directions in the early morning of June 3, 2024 (Source: provided by people).

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