Who is responsible as the Lang Son provincial Police leadership being spies for China?

Yesterday May 13, Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security announced the decision of Minister To Lam to appoint Colonel Vu Nhu Ha to hold the position of Director of Lang Son provincial Police Department, replacing Colonel Thai Hong Cong.  However, the ministry did not say the reason for replacement.

During the ceremony, Lieutenant General Le Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Public Security, delivered a speech assigning tasks, emphasizing (originally): “especially in the field of national security.”

One day earlier (May 12), based on the leaked internal information, Thoibao.de reported: all the members of the Board of Directors of Lang Son provincial Police Department have been arrested, from the director to the deputy directors and department heads all were accused of spying for China, but they will be publicly charged of smuggling.

20 days ago, in the news on April 23, Thoibao.de raised the question: Who promoted Deputy Director of Lang Son provincial Police Department Trieu Tuan Hai to the National Assembly’s National Defense and Security Committee?

Hai, born in 1972, is from Nung ethnic group in Lang Son province. When elected to the National Assembly in 2016, he was lieutenant colonel and chief of the Department of General Staff of the Lang Son provincial Police Department.

In 2018, Mr. Trieu was promoted to the National Defense and Security Committee of the National Assembly. At that time, he was Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Director of Lang Son provincial Police Department, and Deputy Secretary of Lang Son Police Party Committee.

He was then promoted to the rank of Colonel.

In short, who is responsible for this espionage: the National Assembly or the Police, headed by General Lam? Or both?Below are the faces of all Lang Son provincial Police leaders who were alleged of being spies for China. (Yesterday, photos and information about leaders of Lang Son Provincial Police on the agency’s official website were completely removed: https://congan.langson.gov.vn/mobile/gioi-thieu- cong-an-tinh/29/lanh-dao-cong-an-tinh-lang-son-duong-nhiem).

Director: Colonel Thai Hong Cong

Two Deputy Directors: Colonels Do Ngoc Binh and Trieu Tuan Hai

Two Deputy Directors: Colonels Nguyen Xuan Thu, Nguyen Minh Tuan

Deputy Director Hua Trieu Duong