While Top legislator was deadly attacked by Police chief, did Chinese leader send envoy to settle disputes?

On the afternoon of April 19, Minister of Justice of China He Rong visited Vietnam. She immediately had a meeting with Minister of Public Security To Lam and Head of the Central Committee’s Commission for Internal Affairs Phan Dinh Trac in the same afternoon. Thus, it can be understood that the Chinese Minister of Justice’s trip has an outward purpose of judicial cooperation, but behind it there is another purpose. Maybe, she carries President Xi Jinping’s message.

While Chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue was being pushed into a dead end by General Lam, Xi’s “envoy” came to Vietnam to work. What is worth mentioning is that this “messenger” works with two officials, temporarily called representatives of the two factions – Lam represents the Hung Yen faction, and Trac represents the Nghe An faction.

Before He Rong arrived, outside information said that Trac was determined to compete for the position of Minister of Public Security with the Hung Yen faction, if Lam left the agency to sit as State President. Because Trac’s competition has caused the power table to fall into a deadlock, because no one is willing to yield to the other. Lam has not left his position as minister because he is afraid that Trac would replace him, leaving the position of State President still vacant.

It is unclear whether Hue’s resignation letter is in head of the Central Committee’s Inspection Commission Tran Cam Tu’s hands or not, but clearly, Vuong’s role as Chairman of the National Assembly is almost “frozen.” At the incense offering ceremony at Hung Temple on April 18, he was absent; And now, when Xi’s “envoy” arrives, Hue also avoids meeting her. It can be said that Hue’s situation is very unfavorable because he is surrounded and isolated by Lam.

Hue’s trip to Beijing, from April 7 to April 12, is considered a “request for help” trip. Even on this trip, Lam did not leave Hue alone. On April 8, Hue met Xi in Beijing, which was also the time Lam arrested Nguyen Duy Hung – Chairman of Thuan An Group. On his return, just after flying to Noi Bai, Hue’s secretary, Pham Thai Ha, was detained by Lam and sent to the Ministry of Public Security to work.

One reason why public opinion is suspicious is that He Rong’s trip to Vietnam is to “settle” between factions. Because if it’s just judicial cooperation, then she needs to meet Minister of Justice of Vietnam Le Thanh Long, why does she meet Trac and Lam?

For a long time, visits between Vietnamese and Chinese officials are often not within the framework of “public service” but mainly “private service.” “Private affairs” here can be understood as the private affairs of individual officials, the private affairs of a faction, or it can also be the private affairs of the two Communist Parties. “Public service” is just a formality, used to cover up “private service.” When Hue was pushed into a corner by Lam, he went to China. The trip was announced as an “official mission” but observers assessed that it was a “request for help” trip, that is, “private service.”

It is unclear what He Rong has “arranged”? If her trip really intended to “settle” within the Party, then it is a worrying sign. The Communist Party is busy fighting for seats and power, so they do not need the elements of “independence” or “sovereignty” of the country. They are willing to hand the Party’s fate into the hands of the “enemy” while the Communist Party of Vietnam is in control of the country’s destiny.

Both Lam and Hue once went on “envoy missions” to China, To left in mid-September 2023, and Hue only left in the first half of this April.

The fact that both of these people went to China to enlist Xi Jinping’s support for the position of General Secretary, it can be said that in the Party, everyone who comes up is the same, they all obey Beijing, and also bring the rope. The Socialist parasol was tightened around his own neck to show loyalty to Xi. The country will not have the opportunity to be politically and economically independent, the people will not have the opportunity to live a free life, and businesses will not have the opportunity to develop better.

The more chaotic the Vietnamese Communist Party is, the more China benefits. Reality has proven that none of the Communist leaders rely on the people, but they rely on Beijing, although their mouths still shout “rely on the people.”


Thai Ha – Thoibao.de