Cuba suffers serious economic difficulties, why doesn’t General Secretary Trong abandon Socialism?

Because the economy is so exhausted, recently, gasoline prices in Cuba have increased by 500%, equivalent to more than VND100,000 /liter in Vietnamese currency, and at the same time, electricity has also increased by 25%. There is a cautious opinion “So Cuba has abandoned its guard of the world peace before Vietnam?”

VnExpress newspaper reported on February 29 that “Cuba begins to increase gasoline prices by 500%.” Accordingly, Cuba will increase gasoline prices by 500%, along with electricity prices increasing by 25%, from March 1, but gasoline prices for public transportation will not change.

It is known that the Cuban state still maintains its centralized economy following the subsidized model from the Soviet era. The Cuban government subsidized most essential goods and services.

Yet, now, they are forced to increase gas prices 5 times, as part of a series of measures to reduce the budget deficit. It can be understood that the situation of the Cuban state is already very tragic.

International analysts compare the development of two countries, Singapore and Cuba, which both achieved independence since 1959. At that time, Cuba had a much greater economic advantage than Singapore, plus the ideal geographical conditions bestowed by nature.

Yet, today, the Republic of Cuba has become a devastated country after 65 years of pursuing Communism. Meanwhile, Singapore followed the path of Capitalism, and became one of the leading countries in the world.

Radio Voice of France (RFI), on January 4, said:

“Exactly 65 years after Fidel Castro declared ‘Victory of the Revolution,’ Cuba is in crisis. The Cuban capital is full of beggars, many of whom live temporarily waiting for the opportunity to emigrate to another country.

This 65th anniversary of “Victory Day” is the saddest anniversary of the “Cuban Revolution” with the situation of “Hyperinflation, famine, án despair.” Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz had to announce a shocking plan: increasing the prices of electricity, gas, gasoline, water, public transportation, and even cigars.

Due to extreme poverty, the Cuban Prime Minister proposed reducing the number of people eligible for distribution according to subsidized standards. What makes observers evaluate is a “surprising” choice by this Communist Government. Because all civil servants in Cuba need a “purchase book” – a symbol of the centralized subsidized economy following the Soviet model.

Although the amount of goods sold using stamps is decreasing, without it, thousands of elderly people or people without relatives abroad would starve to death. More importantly, if the subsidy policy is lost, it will bury the so-called Socialism.

RFI station also described that, in the Cuban capital and other cities, people can easily see “groups of bone-thin old people, beggars, hungry women and children who have been growing larger and larger over the past several months.”

Independent media from Cubans abroad describe a miserable life on the island. In 2023, Cuba is truly on the brink of hell. Essential items are unavailable or too expensive; lack of medicine and doctors – although the medical system has always been praised; abandoned agricultural land; tourism goes downhill, etc. like ghosts on a ship drifting aimlessly.

Meanwhile, according to analysts, left-leaning countries ignore Cuba. The Russian Federation, a close ally, is also not wealthy because it is entangled in the war in Ukraine. If La Habana does not send troops to help Russia in Ukraine, then do not expect help from Russia. As for China, they understand that if they lend money to Cuba, it will be considered lost, so Beijing does not care.

The United States does not need to resume dialogue with Havana, they wait for the Communist regime in this country to collapse on its own. It’s only a matter of time.

The things just mentioned show that the “Communist” nature of the current Communist Party of Vietnam only exists in a single word, in its name, while all its policies, guidelines, actions are absolutely not represented Communist anymore.

When commenting on the preface of the 1992 Constitution Amendment Draft, in October 2013, in his speech, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong did not hesitate to admit that “building Socialism still a long time. By the end of this century, we don’t know if there will be perfect Socialism in Vietnam or not?


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