How does General Secretary Trong’s resolution be implemented in prostitution?

Currently, prostitution in Vietnam is still considered illegal. The number of people participating in this activity is not officially recorded.

Everyone knows that prostitution is a real activity, even very common in Vietnam. This activity is not controlled by the law but is controlled by the sharing system between black society and red society, that is, the police.

If someone says that the Resolution of the Communist Party of Vietnam has entered the lives of prostitutes then certainly no one will believe it, and consider it nonsense.

Dan Tri newspaper on February 15 reported “Madam’s sentence was reduced because… she studied well.” The news said that in July 2023, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City opened a first-instance trial and sentenced defendant Vu Nguyen Nhat Vy, 21 years old, residing in Tan Binh district, to 3 years in prison on the charge of prostitution brokerage. Thinking that the above verdict was too harsh, defendant Vy appealed and asked for a suspended sentence.

The Trial Council at the appeal session of the High People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City said that defendant Vy had been a good student for many years and had a difficult family, so her sentence was partially reduced.

According to the case file, at the time of the crime, Vu Nguyen Nhat Vy was a first-year student at a university in Saigon, and her family was in difficult circumstances. Around the end of November 2021, Vy participated in prostitution brokerage for profit. Case records show that defendant Vy benefited VND6 million from prostitution brokerage.

During the appeal hearing, defendant Vy testified that, at the time of the crime, because she was young, she did not realize that prostitution brokerage was a violation of the law, her family was in difficulty, and she had to cover the college costs, etc.

According to Dan Tri newspaper, after deliberation, the Trial Council of this appeal session said “Defendant Vy is a consistently good student from grade 1 to grade 12, and is a university student, so the application should be applied. add 1 mitigating circumstance specified in Point v, Clause 1, Article 51, Criminal Code. Therefore, the Trial Council decided to partially reduce the penalty, so that the defendant has the opportunity to continue studying at university, atone for her mistakes, and soon become a good citizen of society.”

Finally, the Trial Council at the above appeal session decided to accept the appeal and reduced the prison sentence by 1 year compared to the previous first instance sentence of 3 years in prison. Defendant Vy eventually received a 2-year prison sentence.

On social networks, there are many ironic comments saying that, perhaps, due to public pressure, the Party has recently announced corruption sentences that are too light, compared to the crimes committed by the corrupt officials according to the provisions of Law. So the Party’s Resolution was quickly brought into life. And perhaps, this Resolution also prioritizes prostitution activities.

That is related to the policy of “humanity,” mitigation, or exemption from prosecution, for some officials who are corrupt but “not for profit” as well as whose achievements have been awarded certificates of merit or medals, etc.

The criminal story of former Hanoi Chairman Chu Ngoc Anh, in the Viet A case, caused the state to lose VND18.8 billion, and received bribes and gifts of up to $200,000. Yet, Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh only received the same sentence as Vu Nguyen Nhat Vy, the prostitution broker, and only benefited a mere VND6 million.

Public opinion expressed anger and dissatisfaction because of the increasingly blatant cover-up of crimes by the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, particularly  General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. Public opinion also said that never before have corrupt officials been as happy as they are today.

That is the reason why public opinion is skeptical and questions whether General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and the Communist Party of Vietnam are truly fighting corruption or not? And why is there such a broad policy of systematically covering up corrupt state officials?

The Vietnamese government still propagates and campaigns for people to follow the slogan “live and work according to the Constitution and the law.” However, a comparison between the words and actions of senior Vietnamese state leaders shows that their words do not match their actions.

That is one of the reasons why General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s anti-corruption work is ineffective. The more they fight, the more corruption grows like mushrooms growing after the rain./.


Tra My –

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