Many Vietnamese people steal in foreign countries, who is to be blamed?

In recent years, news about Vietnamese people working and traveling in other countries and committing crimes has increased. This causes people in host countries, such as South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, etc. to have a negative view of Vietnamese people.

Tuoi Tre newspaper on February 7 reported that “Four Vietnamese people were arrested in Japan for stealing clothes from many stores.” The news said that four Vietnamese were arrested by Japanese police for repeatedly stealing at Uniqlo and other clothing stores worth estimated at JPY20 million ($135,000).

According to Kyodo News, the group of four people arrested above, including 2 men and 2 women, are between 30 and 40 years old. One of the four people arrested is Nguyen Hoang Anh, 38 years old, said to have stolen 5,237 items, including sweaters and jackets, during multiple visits to Japan, from December 2018 to October 2023.

According to Tuoi Tre newspaper, the suspects admitted to the local police’s accusations, and said that they were “having financial difficulties.”

Meanwhile, according to Asahi Shimbun, Fukuoka Provincial Police also issued an arrest warrant for a woman in her 40s, currently living in Vietnam, because they believe she is the leader and controller of a group of four suspects. above. According to the description, the stolen goods were “so much that they filled suitcases with them every day.”

Through the research of reporters, data released by the Japanese Government on January 26 showed that the number of foreign workers in Japan, as of the end of October 2023, reached 2 million people. Among them, Vietnamese people are at the top, with a total of 518,364 people.

There are many stores in the UNIQLO system in Japan that allow self-checkout. There is no management staff at the place where the automatic cash register is located, and that is one of the “loopholes” that makes it easy for Vietnamese people to steal things and then send them to their home country.

That is why, in cities with large numbers of Vietnamese people coming to work or travel, there have been many warning signs about Vietnamese people stealing, written in both Vietnamese and Japanese.

It is known that stealing in Japan is very easy, because Japanese society is built on a cultural foundation of honesty. That’s why Japanese people don’t think about preventing theft. Japanese people believe in transparency and honesty of people. Any child in Japan, from an early age, is taught two moral issues: Queuing culture and not taking anything that is not theirs.

A question arises, why do a large number of Vietnamese people, when going abroad to work temporarily or travel, always find ways to stay and commit theft?

Even people who come to Japan as students steal.

Explaining this situation in Japan in particular and other countries in general, many people believe that one of the reasons is the situation where workers and students studying abroad are in debt because they have to pay fees to companies. agency.

A Vietnamese-Japanese person who has settled in Japan for more than 30 years, told that because he has good Japanese skills, he is often invited by local police to act as an interpreter during interrogation sessions for Vietnamese people. He said:

“I was the one who answered the phone directly. I learned that this guy’s family had borrowed and mortgaged VND200 million from the bank to pay for him to study abroad in Japan. Family members in Vietnam said that in order to pay off the VND160 million debt to the bank, their family members were forced to steal.”

Public opinion sees that, contrary to General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s cheerful assessment “Vietnam has never had such a bright opportunity as today,” a situation where Vietnamese people, for decades now, have had to jostle each other to win spots to go abroad to work as ordinary workers which is essentially to do hard physical work for foreign countries. And yet, even when they reach a developed country, they have to steal to pay their debts.

On the contrary, the beauty-female editor Kieu Trinh, without being forced by circumstances, was still arrested twice for theft, once in Sweden in 2001 and once in the UK in 2006. But until now, this girl is still “appearing” on VTV, even promoted to the position of Head of Culture-Sports-Tourism Department of VTV1. It is known that Kieu Trinh is the daughter of Vu Van Hieu, former General Director of VTV Television Station, former member of the Party Central Committee.

Similarly, the leaders of the Vietnamese Party and State, at all levels, have salaries that are not enough to live on, but everyone has many houses and “huge” magnificent, magnificent villas for their children to study abroad, owning expensive cars… It all comes from money that they steal from national resources and people’s property.

Therefore, please do not blame Vietnamese workers abroad who, due to poverty, have to steal to pay their debts. If anything, let’s blame the education system for creating a class of Vietnamese people with the life philosophy “money is first, money is everything,” a consequence of cultivating people by Socialist schools./.


Tra My –

Kasse animation 7.8.2023