Turning police headquarters into place to buy and sell stolen goods: Minister To Lam must respond to public opinion

Dong Thanh Commune Police Headquarters, where the incident occurred – Photo from clip

In recent years, public opinion has been extremely frustrated by the corruption and moral degradation of the Vietnamese Police force. People cannot believe that the force, in the name of the “sword and shield” with the responsibility of ensuring social order and safety, has caused serious scandals.

The situation of officers and soldiers in the police force violating the law, such as: stealing, trafficking in banned substances, kidnapping children for extortion…, with the purpose of making money at any cost, has become a daily occurrence in the localities.

Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper reported on December 8, “Police investigate the case of ‘fraudulent car sales at police headquarters’.”

What is worth mentioning in this case is that the Honda motorbike was stolen in Nguyen Cu Trinh ward, District Nhat, and 8 months later it was advertised for sale on social networks, and the location of the transaction for buying and selling evidence of the theft happened at… Dong Thanh Commune Police Headquarters, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City.

City Law Newspaper said that on December 8, a clip spread on social networks with the content:

TQH bought his Honda for his son to work in District 1. But then the car was stolen on March 25, 2023, in Nguyen Cu Trinh ward, District 1.

But today, that Honda car is publicly advertised for sale on social networks. The location for the sale and purchase transaction is at the Police headquarters of Dong Thanh commune, Hoc Mon district.”

It is known that the victim who lost his car went to the Dong Thanh Commune Police headquarters to see the stolen car for sale. At this time, the stolen car was attached with a fake license plate number 61K1-99199.

In the shared clips is an exchange between people, stolen car owners and fraudulent car sellers, at the Dong Thanh Commune Police headquarters. Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper reported:

A person asked: Does the car you sell have documents? Then the car salesman said: No.’. How do you know the car has no papers and you are a police officer? the other person confronts.

The seller replied: I don’t need to know that, I bought that car a long time ago. I didn’t know it was stolen. The person opposite asked: You are a police officer, right? You went to the ward… you know the car has no documents and you still sell it on social networks. Why?'”

Surprisingly, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, the person in charge of selling stolen cars raised his voice in a threatening and challenging voice, “Hey, don’t ask too many questions about that…”

Talking to a reporter from the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper, Mr. NHL – an insider – said that he was the person who contacted the account selling the stolen car to buy the said car with priced at VND24 million, and was informed by the car seller that the car had no documents. Still according to the NHL knight, “This person claimed to be a commune police officer and drove freely without documents”, so we felt secure. He said to go inside Dong Thanh Commune Police to make transactions, so we ran into the headquarters to see the car with license plate number 61K1-99199.

At that time, the owner of the car received it and saw that the car had an identical appearance to his car. After checking the chassis number, the car owner confirmed that this is indeed the car that was stolen in District 1 in March 2023.

Yet, according to Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, a representative of Hoc Mon District Police said they had grasped the case and were preparing a file to investigate and clarify. As for the person who sold the stolen car at the Dong Thanh Commune Police headquarters, he was not a police officer, but “This person used to be a police officer but retired a long time ago.”

Public opinion sees that this case has proven that the People’s Police force violates the law not only in an individual capacity, but also in an organized crime, while at the same time tolerating the violators. More dangerous is turning “public headquarters” into a place to buy and sell stolen goods.

These are evidences that the ethics and conduct of police officers and officials are at a seriously alarming level. Perhaps that is the consequence of the situation, “upside is unjust, downright chaotic“, not only within the police sector, but also in the superstructure of the Vietnamese political apparatus.

Public opinion requested Minister of Public Security To Lam to answer clearly why did he let the police force which prioritizes to protect the party but not social orders.

Thoibao.de (Translated)