Ministry of Public Security: Do not use alcohol testing of drivers to make money!

A traffic police checkpoint

According to statistics from the National Traffic Safety Committee, the number of deaths from traffic accidents in Vietnam has decreased continuously for nearly 10 years. By 2022, this number increased again. In the first 10 months of 2023, in Vietnam, an average of 18 people died in traffic accidents a day.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons, according to Tuoi Tre newspaper on December 2: “Ho Chi Minh City: Will launch a campaign of alcohol concentration testing day and night until Tet [New Year Festival].”

The news said that from now until before Lunar New Year 2024, the Traffic Police in Saigon will be divided into 10 clusters, of which 5 clusters measure alcohol concentration in the central area, and 5 clusters in the suburbs.

Tuoi Tre Newspaper asked: “Why do the City Traffic Police check alcohol levels all day?”

Meanwhile, people wonder if it is necessary to check alcohol concentration during the day, especially when going to work in the morning and after work in the afternoon, because this will cause problems for people on roads. And does this help reduce traffic accidents?

In fact, since mid-November 2023, Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police has opened a campaign for general inspection for drivers of vehicles who drink alcohol, with the aim of reducing traffic accidents. Accordingly, the Traffic Police have the right to stop drivers at any time of day or night to measure alcohol levels.

According to state media, this action by the HCM City Traffic Police caused a strong reaction among the people, with the majority disagreeing about the way it was organized and the manifestations of abuse of power by the majority of the police while on duty.

In general, public opinion feels that measuring alcohol concentration to punish drivers with alcohol concentrations above the allowed limit is the right thing to do and is supported. But people wonder, do the traffic police just want to fine a lot to get a percentage of money according to regulations?

According to the Resolution on Central budget allocation, passed by the 15th National Assembly, 6th session on the afternoon of November 10, the Ministry of Public Security will receive up to 85% of the fine.

In addition, public opinion still has some questions that they would like the competent authority to accept or amend:

It is impossible, because alcohol concentration in the body is considered a top risk, to test with unscientific frequency and time…

Checked hundreds of people, but why not change the bellows? There needs to be a more reasonable plan, because not replacing the bellows is too unhygienic and can easily spread infectious diseases.

The Ministry of Public Security sets the breath alcohol concentration level at 0%, which is unreasonable and unscientific. Because just using food, sugary drinks, or fruit, there is also a chemical fermentation reaction in the stomach, and the alcohol concentration is higher than 0%.

In particular, tightening alcohol levels will not only make restaurants and pubs empty of customers, but will also affect the economy and tourism activities.

Drunk driving is against the law in all countries, not just in Vietnam. While, according to experts, the awareness of Vietnamese traffic participants clearly has problems, with strict handling of alcohol concentration, it is hoped that people will gradually change their habits, to form a traffic safe culture.

According to Tuoi Tre newspaper, the leader of the Traffic Police team said about the purpose of this campaign: “The important thing is to raise awareness of traffic participants. If you know you have to drive in the morning, don’t drink the night before. You need to prepare mentally to steer steadily and safely.”

If what you say and do are the same, it is something to be welcomed.

Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen recently said:

The spreading of human resources and straining to control 24/7 not only causes fatigue and stress for the functional forces, but also causes the effectiveness of traffic control and the social atmosphere to be more or less affected. It is necessary to re-examine the method to see if it is suitable or not, to adjust it to suit the wishes of the people!”

According to Lieutenant Colonel Doan Van Quoi – Deputy Traffic Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police, on December 3, “the total alcohol concentration control clusters of Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police, from now we will change the arrangement of working groups to suit each time and location on each route.”

Public opinion hopes that Minister To Lam’s Ministry of Public Security would take the trouble to let its forces participate in coordinating inspections of state officials’ assets, as drastic as alcohol testing, then the people would strongly welcome and support. (Translated)