Is there a policy to depose Ho Chi Minh according to instructions from Party’s Propaganda?

Altar of the gratitude offering incense offering to the Patriarch of Theater by artist Quang Teo

A series of “sensitive” incidents occurred right after US President Joe Biden’s visit to Hanoi, in mid-September 2023, making Vietnamese even more skeptical about whether there was direction from the ruling party’s Central Commission on Propaganda and Education.

The first story, Dr. Chu Hong Quy wrote on his personal Facebook page a status with the title “Changed!”

The author said:

Professor Hoang Chi Bao exposed the scandal, the Central Youth Union impersonated Uncle Ho to create an entire letter pretending to be Uncle Ho, sent to children, then cut and trimmed it into Five Things He Teach Children but none of them is to love my parents and families.

Not once but many times the Central Youth Union impersonated Uncle Ho. After all, people don’t know what’s real and what’s fake. So confused! I have loved him for decades. Now I must switch to loving Uncle Bao like I loved Uncle Ho and Uncle Mao.”

Kim Van Chinh, a former lecturer at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy, commented, “No matter how much you criticize Hoang Chi Bao, sometimes he still shines. Maybe in order to get likes, Mr. [Hoang Chi Bao] has crossed the limit.

He began to expose the lies in Ho Chi Minh’s “teachings”, first the 5 things Uncle Ho taught young people.

Actually, what Mr. Bao said is not new (see comments on Nguyen Quang Lap’s article), but through Mr. Bao’s statement, it became a big scandal…”

When looking at the Facebook page of writer Nguyen Quang Lap (also known as Bo Lap), there is a status titled “Five things Uncle… Ho Truc taught.” Accordingly, Bo Lap wrote:

On May 15, 1961, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Young Pioneers, the Central Youth Union wanted a letter from Uncle Ho to the children. But at that time, Uncle Ho was abroad. At that time, Mr. Ho Truc was the Secretary of the Central Youth Union and had to compose Uncle Ho’s letter to send to teenagers and children. At the end of the letter there are 5 things Uncle Ho taught.

When Uncle [Ho] returned, Mr. Ho Truc brought a letter to report to Uncle Ho. The reader wanted to correct a few things, but said, oh well, it’s been published in the newspaper, no more editing. And from then on, the children and teenagers all studied according to Uncle Ho… Truc’s teachings. He.he..

P/S: The book “We have Uncle Ho” 3 volumes of Lao Dong Publishing House published this story, saying that the above letter was written by the wife of Mr. Nguyen Khanh Toan of the Vietnam Science Committee. What’s the name of this lady at the Youth and Children’s Committee I forgot. But I heard this story directly from Mr. Ho Truc.”

The second story is that army Lieutenant Colonel and artist Quang Teo appointed Ho Chi Minh as the “founder of theater.” Accordingly, social networks are arguing around a photo of a statue of Ho Chi Minh in the center of the altar, during the “theater founder death anniversary” ceremony, organized by comedian Quang Teo at his home.

Mr. Kim Van Chinh revealed that Quang Teo, whose real name is Nguyen Tien Quang, is an artist from the military, holding the rank of lieutenant colonel. During the market economy, artist Quang Teo succeeded in playing cheap, trivial clown roles, along with artist Giang Coi. But Quang Teo was popular with the ordinary public, so his performances were also successful. After a few years, he earned enough money to become a “rich” artist with a 1,000 square meter villa in Thach That, Hanoi.

According to Mr. Kim Van Chinh, Quang Teo has repeatedly advertised drugs and functional foods against regulations, so the press has been criticized many times.

Recently, Quang Teo studied under Hoai Linh and celebrated the death anniversary of his theater founder right at his villa. The altar to commemorate the death of the profession’s ancestors places a statue of Ho Chi Minh in the middle. Thus, Quang Teo named Ho Chi Minh as the founder of their profession, while Mr. Ho never worked on stage to entertain people; There are jobs like chefs and photographers.

Immediately, some speculations appeared on social networks, perhaps, Quang Teo based on the photo of Ho Chi Minh holding a towel to wipe his tears, pretending to cry for the victims of the Land Reform. Therefore, artist Quang Teo appointed Mr. Ho as the master of the profession, which is very “right.”

Clearly, the Communist Party of Vietnam yesterday and today are no longer… one. The Communist Party of Vietnam today follows a market economy, a characteristic of capitalism, which is 180 degrees opposite of the Communist doctrine that Mr. Ho Chi Minh brought to Vietnam. That makes public opinion even more suspicious, “Is it true that there is a policy to depose Ho Chi Minh according to instructions from the Central Commission on Propaganda and Education with Professor Hoang Chi Bao being the one to fire the cannon?” (Translated)