Advertised as Western technology and often get burned, VinFast cars turn out made in China

Pham Nhat Vuong, founder and chairman of the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup

For a long time, VinFast has always introduced the VF e34 designed by European studio Pininfarina. This advertisement has won the trust of many people who are still delusional about the so-called “so proud of Vietnam.”

However, unexpectedly, the online community recently shared an article in Lai-times, a major newspaper in China, with the title like a slap in the face of VinFast, “Discovering giants | China’s solution is hidden behind the stars of Vietnam’s electric cars

Currently, we can no longer find information about VF e34 designed by Pininfarina Europe, on VinFast’s website. Most likely, VinFast has silently erased traces. And if VinFast really deletes this information by itself, then it is an indirect way of admitting that the information posted on Lai-times is true.

It is unclear what people who have paid down to buy VinFast and are proud of a Vietnamese brand think, when they spend money to buy a car that is advertised as designed by the West, but actually designed by China?

In fact, the phrase “supporting industry” is no stranger to the technology industry. No big company makes a car from A to Z on its own. They always have suppliers around the world. However, the manufacturer must be the place to hold the core technology, not everything to buy. Therefore, on each brand car, there are unique values that other brands do not have. And it is also the core technology that determines its brand.

No one does not know, Vietnam’s automotive auxiliary technology industry is still almost a round number. Suddenly, the VinFast company rose up like “Saint Giong“, which inevitably made many people cautiously question whether VinFast was self-sufficient in technology, or bought from A to Z, then returned to graft to form a Vietnamese-branded car?

In such a situation of lack of brainpower in the automotive industry, it is understandable for VinFast to seek technology sponsors from other countries. But to make a profit, one must find cheap Chinese goods. For a long time, Vietnam has been a place to process products imported from China, that everyone knows. Even garment enterprises have to import needles and threads from China. Then, VinFast looking for cheap technology solutions from China is understandable. However, the big problem here is, why are they advertising as all Western technology?

There is no Western company at all, but VinFast hires Launch Design company in Shanghai China, to research and develop the whole VF e34 electric car. At the same time, VinFast hires this Chinese company to be responsible for finding and supplying components.

Netizens finally found more information from the Shanghai Economic and Trade Commission, confirming that China’s Launch Design had won the tender to research and develop the whole car for VF. VF’s job is just to import and sell. A few days after these findings, the original news in China was requested to be deleted or removed by someone. However, the Baidu wikipedia archive is still available.

It seems that VinFast is following the path of Viet A. Order from China, from A to Y, then import to Vietnam, do some extra work and turn into pure Vietnamese cars, finally, sell to people with blood “so proud of Vietnam.” Customers who love their country, love Vin, get caught in a trap, VinFast gets money.

A brand self-valued to $23 billion dollars through the praise of the Vietnamese state-controlled media. With such a large self-valued enterprise, why they claim one but sell another? Only honesty can build a brand, and falsehood will eventually destroy a brand. Vinfast owner Pham Nhat Vuong does not think like that, it was very strange. If you want to be a global business but do fraudulent business, it is very difficult to survive. (Translated)

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