Phu Tho plans to spend more than $2 million to make new Uncle Ho’s bas-relief

The stone bas-relief

Recently, Lao Dong newspaper had an article “VND50 billion to replace Uncle Ho’s bas-relief with the immortal saying at Hung Temple.” However, after realizing that giving the amount VND50 billion ($2,2 million) just to replace the stones and renew the 17 words in bronze is too expensive, people will find out that the game of drawing projects makes money. Later, this newspaper changed the title of the article, saying, “The stone bas-relief depicting Uncle Ho’s immortal saying has been replaced with bronze.”

Ho Chi Minh’s words are just borrowed from fictional history to talk about noble things. It’s a matter of country’s protection. During this period, the Communists wanted to drive away the French, so they injected pride into the soldiers’ heads, urging them die to bring glory to the Party. Really, whether Mr. Ho Chi Minh really defended the country or not, only history will answer.

In 1958, China claimed that the two archipelagos of the Hoang Sa (Paracels) and the Truong Sa (Spratlys), also known as Xisha and Nansha in Chinese terms, belong to China. After only 10 days, Mr. Pham Van Dong, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at that time, issued an official letter to acknowledge this. Until now, the Vietnamese people still consider this to be the Communist Party’s note to give the country’s sovereignty. This note could not be without the approval of Mr. Ho Chi Minh, because at that time, Mr. Pham Van Dong was under Mr. Ho Chi Minh.

Up to now, China has always relied on that note as legal evidence to affirm its sovereignty over Vietnam’s Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagos. So whether he did protect the country or not, history has a clear answer. This action the Communist Party cannot cover.

Ho Chi Minh is a human being, not a saint. He has the ability to manipulate the masses very well. This is what makes a successful politician a turbulent time, and he succeeded. However, the issue of preserving the country, the issue of protecting the people, Mr. Ho Chi Minh could never do. The 1958 diplomatic note is evidence, the 1954-1975 fraternal war killed millions of people’s lives in vain, how could he “love the people“? He took advantage of people’s blood.

Like any Communist regime, they always build up a great man by indoctrinating education, spreading lies, and then, they hide behind the great man they paint to gain advantage.

Today, the entire Communist government apparatus competes with each other to pride Ho Chi Minh. They competed to make up fictional anecdotes to indoctrinate people. There are people who make up stories about Mr. Ho Chi Minh and then go around telling all agencies from central to local to make money.

Professor “Communism” Hoang Chi Bao is such a person. He made up the story that Ho Chi Minh spoke 29 languages fluently, so now people often make fun of this story. Mr. Bao made up the story that Ho Chi Minh deceived the pottery makers, that, when French people hired him to write Tang poetry on pottery, he wrote slogans against the colonial empire, and then fled.

Returning to the words of Mr. Ho Chi Minh at Hung Phu Tho temple. Perhaps, the provincial government officials want to corrupt money from the budget, so they set up a story to replace the bas-relief. In this country, anything related to the scent of Ho Chi Minh is automatically approved. That is the reason that Phu Tho province officials set up this project, to hook VND50 billion from the budget and then divide between them.

We always affirm that Mr. Ho Chi Minh is not a saint. He had merits to the Party, he also did greater things than the average person, but clearly, he was not a perfect person. On him, whatever he had was normal, and his excrement smelled like commoner’s waste. He is not a saint, so his scenting even what is not easy to pride him is just a joke, making people gossip and despise. (Translated)