Anti-corruption campaign: big rats accepted defeat, only small mouses suffered death

Nguyen Phu Trong hit mouse to avoid breaking the vase

Vietnamese communist chief Nguyen Phu Trong famously said “attak mouse without hurting vase.” Some people joked that the rats on his side are already in a precious vase, how could he dare to beat the rats without breaking the vase?

There are two types of rats, mice and rats. When mice see cats, they run away, and rats are sometimes bigger than cats, so they are not afraid. Trong’s rat-killing, so far, has been all-out, both mice and rats.

Trong’s habit is that, if you want to hit a rat, you have to get rid of the mouse first. The Viet A case started from the CDCs in the provinces and then exploded to the central agencies. To date, many cases have followed the same pattern. And when hitting a mouse, many “mice” had to commit suicide.

In fact, when the case broke, it was common for bosses to blame their subordinates to get away. During the time of Dinh La Thang as Secretary of the City Party Committee in Ho Chi Minh City, he often authorized his deputy to sign projects that he found bad. As a subordinate, Tat Thanh Cang signed on behalf of the City Party Committee and was imprisoned. Dinh La Thang was not prosecuted for cases related to Tat Thanh Cang, because he dodged first, but Mr. Thang did not escape in another case.

Like Tat Thanh Cang, Dinh La Thang, Tran Bac Ha etc.. are rats, not mice. These people have been in politics for a long time, climbing high, so it is not foolish to “commit suicide.” At most, when they are arrested, they will be released from prison at the end of their sentences. These people have a lot of money, many opportunities to enjoy, nothing to commit suicide. However, there is also the death of rats in prison, which is a cloud over the case. Like the case of banker Tran Bac Ha, the financial holder of Nguyen Tan Dung’s faction, suddenly died while in detention. It is suspected that he was killed rather than committed suicide, or died of illness. Such is the political game. Police General Pham Quy Ngo’s death is quite similar to that of banker Tran Bac Ha’s.

Dinh La Thang, Nguyen Duc Chung, Chu Ngoc Anh, and Nguyen Thanh Long are big rats, most of them accept prison. No high-ranking officials committed suicide, on the contrary, many officials at the grassroots level committed suicide.

Grassroots officials commit suicide

On March 4, the state-controlled media reported that Mr. Tran Van Minh, Deputy Government Inspector General died at the hospital due to a “stroke.” However, in the doctor’s conclusion, there was no mention of “stroke” as they only concluded that Mr. Minh was dead, a state of “cardiac arrest, apnea.” In addition, Tuoi Tre newspaper also said that the police were investigating the death of Mr. Minh. If it is precisely the hospital that concludes that he died from a stroke, the police will not investigate. The death of Mr. Tran Van Minh was rumored by the online community that he had hanged himself.

On March 14, the VTC newspaper said that Mr. Phan Van A, Deputy Director of the Ky Anh Regional Tax Department, Ha Tinh, was found dead in a hanging position. It is unclear why, but hanging to end his life is the way of a weak person who does not dare to face reality.

Among rats that Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong wants to beat, senior officials are usually the worse offenders, but they know how to run away. They have enough cunning, enough power to blame the subordinates. Most of the senior officials arrested are not unjust, however, it is not uncommon for junior officials to be unjustly blamed by their superiors. In case of psychological weakness, they will most likely do foolish things.

Greed for power and money in a system full of holes creates conditions for officials to do wrong to get rich. Everyone did the same, when Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong brandished the whip, everyone ran away, those who could not escape in time were arrested, and some who could not bear the pressure committed suicide. There are consequences that the official must receive. (Translated)