Following example of Communist leader in Kien Giang, Deputy Government Inspector dies

Deputy Inspector General Tran Van Minh suffered a stroke and died

If a stroke happens to civilians, it’s a stroke. However, when the disease is attached to officials, trust is halved. Because, the story of the Communist leadership is a long story, and many comrades are poisoning each other.

Needless to say, on April 14, 2019, Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong suddenly fell ill in Kien Giang. This disease is explained by the government as a “stroke” but people still do not fully believe it was a real stroke. Because of the story of two political forces led by former Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and incumbent General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong fighting each other for many years, everyone knows. And this story is still shrouded in a cloud of doubt that cannot be clarified.

The second disease after stroke is cancer. Comrades were fighting fiercely, suddenly one comrade got cancer and then passed away. Mr. Pham Quy Ngo, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh and Mr. Tran Dai Quang are the best examples. Particularly, Mr. Tran Dai Quang was identified as “infected with a strange virus” and passed away.

Since 2006, Alexandr Litvinenko, a former employee of the Russian Security Service, has been living as a political refugee in the UK for anti-Putin, he died at University College Hospital, London on November 23, 2006. Later, the British investigative agency said that Alexandr Litvinenko was sick from drinking “Polonium tea” and he fell ill. Symptoms are quite similar to that of cancer.

In Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh’s case also had the same symptoms as former Russian spy Alexandr Litvinenko. However, because Mr. Nguyen Ba Thanh is a pawn on the world political chessboard, the world does not care about his death.

Those are the deaths of dictatorial politicians. That said, it can be seen that the death of a senior official, especially a member of the party’s Central Committee, may be due to a real disease, not a drug, but because the political style is not transparent, the people have their right to suspect political motives from within. Many deaths are due to poisoning, but on the surface it is a natural disease cause.

At 11 a.m. on March 4, the leader of the Government Inspectorate said that Mr. Tran Van Minh – Deputy Inspector General of the Government had a stroke and was taken to the emergency hospital, then passed away. Mr. Tran Van Minh is 56 years old, from Quang Ngai province, has a doctorate in economics. Currently, he is helping the Government Inspector General to direct the performance of state management functions on inspection, complaint settlement and denunciation of the cultural and social sector; inspection and settlement of complaints and denunciations in Region 2 (including 18 central provinces – Central Highlands).

Mr. Tran Van Minh was very young compared to Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, however, Mr. Minh did not survive, and Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong did. Stroke does not spare anyone. Anyone, no matter how healthy, can get this disease.

Like other senior officials, the sudden death of Mr. Tran Van Minh could not make people believe it was true. Especially the inspectors. Being an official in this sector is very easy to get rich if you nod your head to the mistakes in the localities or departments, and it is also very easy to make enemies with other officials if you fully do your duties.

Currently, in the government, Mr. Pham Minh Chinh is very confused, after 3 Deputy Prime Ministers were removed from the chair, in which, the most frightening is the case of Mr. Le Van Thanh. Mr. Thanh is now receiving treatment in Japan and it is not known whether he will survive or follow in the footsteps of late State President Tran Dai Quang. Therefore, the death of Mr. Tran Van Minh is also likely to be a natural disease, but also a murder.

The death of an official usually does not make the people feel any pity, but sometimes even makes the people happy. The higher the position the victim, the happier the people will feel. There is no place like Vietnam, people keep looking forward to the national day of mourning to celebrate. That is the people’s love for the Party. (Translated)