Ambassador Minh – General Confederation and 40 “Rebels” in Berlin

EAST MOON Herzberger .100 , 10365 Berlin.

The entrance to EAST MOON restaurant at Herzberger Street .100, 10365 Berlin, where the Preparatory Congress “Vietnamese Federation in Germany” took place

After many years of lawsuits with the result of the collapse of the Vietnamese Union, now the Ambassador cum the party leader of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany seems to be determined to support establishment of the so-called “General Confederation of Vietnamese in Germany” with the help of some Vietnamese market owners.

According to the schedule, today, December 17, 2022 at the East Moon II restaurant in Berlin, there will be a “Preparatory Congress” to move towards the establishment of an organization that is said to be an “extension arm of the Communist Party of Vietnam” in Berlin with the name “Vietnamese Federation in Germany,” participants of which includes representatives of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Germany. This is a new move to follow the script that was staged at the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin on August 28, 2022 to implement the authoritarian Communist Party’s strategy in Vietnam, including closely monitoring and managing Vietnamese people living abroad.

Sources from relevant people said “This is a formal preparatory congress, they only allow about 40 people who have been appointed and agreed by the Vietnamese Embassy in a meeting on August 28, 2022 at the Embassy to attend. These people mainly live in Berlin and gather around the market while representatives from many other places want to attend but are not allowed. The purpose of the vote in this Preparatory Congress is to concentrate votes for Mr. Hien, the owner of the Dong Xuan market must win…”

It is known that many overseas Vietnamese and former employees of the Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin are still facing investigations and accusations at the Berlin High Court of organizing and directly participating in the kidnapping of Mr. Xuan Thanh in Germany in 2017. Many Vietnamese citizens in Berlin, Germany and Europe helped spy on their countrymen, spying for this state-level criminal act.

The logo used for the program “40 years of Vietnamese integration and development in Germany” from the year 2015 of the Dong Xuan Berlin market was used for the Invitation of the “Preparatory Congress for the establishment of the Vietnamese Federation in German” on December 17, 2022.
Representative of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Germany – “extended arm of the Vietnamese Communist Party abroad” Link: -mat-tran-to-quoc-viet-nam-32528.html

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