Investors beaten by thugs while gathering to demand money from Egroup

Investors hold banners demanding money at Egroup’s headquarters at 25T1 building Hoang Dao Thuy, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

About 20 people who invested money in Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy’s Egroup Group (also known as Shark Thuy) accused the gangsters of beating and tearing their banners when they came to ask him to return their money on Nov 26.

According to the Industry and Trade newspaper of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, these are the people who have invested billions of dong in Egroup Education Group (Egroup) and related ecosystems but have not been paid interest nor withdrawn their original investment even if it is due. There was a miserable case that had to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills.

Protesters have repeatedly come to Egroup’s office to find Mr. Thuy, but could not find him, so they finally came to his apartment to ask for money.

Industry and Trade newspaper interviewed Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra Ly, representing 19 investors in Egroup, said that the members had to gather and stretch banners because the inhibition had reached a high level.

We also work very moderately, we put up banners and slogans to demand money, standing on the streets. When we went to the company, we received oppression from the gangsters who beat us and pull our canvas,” Ms. Ly told Cong Thuong newspaper.

The companies under Shark Thuy were accused of receiving investment money from people but not paying them include: Egame Investment and Distribution Joint Stock Company (Egame Group), Ecapital Investment Group Joint Stock Company (Egame Corporation). Ecapital), and Apax English Joint Stock Company (Apax English Group).

Ms. Ly told the newspaper that for many years, investors have not received principal or interest from Egroup. An 80-year-old man with cancer, eight times of radiation therapy, sold all his land and houses in Ninh Binh to ask for money but could not.

Previously, on November 24, the newspaper published an article about Mrs. Phung Thi Huong, 57, who committed suicide by taking sleeping pills because she lost money invest in Shark Thuy, but she was lucky to escape death because she was saved in time. Ms. Huong and her family contributed about VND5 billion ($200,000) to Shark Thuy, but did not receive both principal and interest back even though the payment term was overdue.

Egroup is a corporation specializing in education, health care, and organic cuisine with more than 120 Apax English – Apax Leaders English centers and about 120,000 students, dozens of STEAMe GARTEN preschools, 11 Institutes cosmetic therapy Yakson Beauty; 50 Soya Garden stores nationwide and 12 CMS centers (early education program for children in the 4.0 era) and an international standard STEM experience center.

Recently, Apax Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company (IBC shares) belonging to Egroup Group was banned by the Tax Department of Hanoi issued 17 decisions on tax enforcement by deducting money from this enterprise’s accounts at nine banks: VPBank, MB, BIDV, Vietcombank, TPB, SHB, NCB, SeABank, Vietinbank and branches. The total amount that Apax Holdings has been paid by the Hanoi City Tax Department is more than VND5.6 billion.

Shark Thuy is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, cum General Director with the ownership rate of 35% of Egroup’s charter capital. At the same time, Shark Thuy also holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors at companies such as Egame Investment and Distribution Joint Stock Company (Egame Company), Apax Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company, Apax Joint Stock Company English.

Mr. Thuy is also famous as a participant in a television program called for investment capital called Billion Dollar Trade. According to Mr. Thuy’s introduction on Shak Tank Vietnam, Mr. Thuy has participated in two seasons of Shark Tank and is currently holding the golden ratio of Shark Tank with an offer to invest in nine companies on television, including eight companies. The company has been invested with a total investment of up to VND74 billion. (Translated)

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