Pou Chen Vietnam workers return to work after four days of strike

Thousands of workers of Pouchen Vietnam Company started to stop working to claim benefits from January 7

After four days of strikes to demand an increase in the Lunar New Year bonuses, thousands of workers at Pou Chen Vietnam Company returned to work on January 12.

The above information was announced by the state-controlled media on the same day, citing the confirmation of Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy – Vice President of the Labor Confederation of Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.

Ms. Thuy said that the enterprise has reached an agreement with the laborers and will keep the Tet bonus as announced. However, leader Pou Chen Vietnam agreed to still pay 100% of the salary for four days workers stopped working.

According to Ms. Thuy, through working with the company’s leaders and checking the general Tet bonus situation, the 2022 Lunar New Year bonus at Pou Chen VN Company is equal to other companies of Puo Chen International Group (Taiwan).

Before that, at noon on January 7, thousands of workers at Pou Chen VN Company began to stop working, asking businesses to maintain the same Tet bonuses as last year.

Specifically, in 2020, the highest Tet bonus at Pou Chen for those who have worked full-time for 12 years or more is 2.2 months’ salary and in 2021 the highest level is 1.87 months’ salary. However, this year, the company cited the epidemic, so the bonus was only about 1.5 months’ salary.

Taiwan Pou Chen International Group in Vietnam has eight factories in five provinces and cities, including a factory in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai that specializes in manufacturing shoes for famous brands such as Nike and Adidas.

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Source: https://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/news/vietnamnews/pouchen-vn-workers-resume-work-receiving-100-percent-salary-4-days-of-strike-01122022071223.html

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