Many manufacturers move production from Vietnam to China during Covid-19 pandemic

A worker in a garment factory in Vietnam

Many businesses have moved production from Vietnam to China in the context of many domestic factories being closed because the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global supply chain.

Saigon Times reported on October 3, citing sources from CNBC. Typically, Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone and Apple’s latest Airpods have been shipped their production to China instead of Vietnam.

Amazon’s smart bells, surveillance cameras and speakers made in northern Vietnam have been delayed in deliveries since May, when a fourth wave of the outbreak broke out in the country.

Lakeland Industries, a protective clothing company, said on September 9 that it has recently hired several executives to move production from Vietnam to China in the coming weeks.

The Saigon Times noted that many businesses have spent a lot of effort moving orders to Vietnam, including recruiting the workforce, changing equipment, and implementing new transportation strategies to overcome supply shortages in China during the pandemic. Despite the US tariffs imposed on products from China, for these businesses, returning to China is the least risky option to secure supplies ahead of the year-end shopping season. (Translated)