Ton Duc Thang University’s Rector dismissed: Party Law is more powerful than Law on Higher Education

The dismissal of the Rector of Ton Duc Thang University is posing many questions to the public about the real reasons behind the Party’s disciplinary decision and then suspending the rector position for Dr. Le Vinh.

The public thinks that the Party Law is controlling other legal institutions, they use a very vague reason to strip the rector of a university that has very active development activities in the higher education system. Vietnam.

Ton Duc Thang University is rated by many international organizations as the No. 1 University in Vietnam and in the top 1000 universities with the best quality in the world

On August 25, along with the decision to temporarily suspend the position of the university’s Party Committee secretary, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor announced the decision to suspend the 90-day rector position for Mr. Le Vinh Danh.

Perhaps few people know that almost 99% of university rectorss are party members and party secretaries, although there is no legal provision showing this. That is why, once being dismissed from the position of Party Secretary, it is also considered as losing the rector position.

Dr. Le Vinh Danh is considered to be a great contributor to Ton Duc Thang University with proud achievements, at a time the university was in the Top 2 of the best universities in Vietnam and the Top 250 most sustainable universities in the world. In 2017, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited and talked with the university’s lecturers and students.

Ton Duc Thang University currently has nearly 24,000 students studying with 1,400 lecturers and service staff, starting as a private university in 1997, transferring to a semi-public university in 2003 and becoming a university public school since 2008.

Ton Duc Thang University is currently ranked No. 1 in Vietnam and in the Top 800 best universities in the world, according to the World University Rankings (ARWU).

The social network last week urgently protested against the unruly behavior of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor towards Ton Duc Thang University.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai, standing vice chairman of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor at a press conference on September 22, said Mr. Le Vinh Danh did not comply with the Party’s instructions, regarding the performance of his duties. political affairs of the School and the effectiveness of Party building, reducing the fighting strength of the Party Committee

The Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor want to destroy Ton Duc Thang University?” freelance journalist Bach Hoan made a comment on his personal Facebook with more than 200,000 followers.

The malicious intentions of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor to attack Dr. Le Vinh Danh were also revealed by journalist Bach Hoan.

This is a rare, if not the only university in the public education system that can follow the trend of international education.

The General Confederation of Labor once asked the university to give its money to the confederation, could not eat, so wanted to crush? What do they know about education and what have they done for the school that put their hairy hands in, flickered, overturned a good university like Ton Duc Thang?

Let go of a school that is part of the public system but has never spent a penny on the budget. Do not scramble, feed, and then shatter a hope for the future.

As the school grows, everything else develops’- said American pastor Martin Luther King that and the website of Ton Duc Thang University quoted again. When I read this, I see the dreams and aspirations changing from the education of the educators at Ton Duc Thang University.

This is the best-ranked school in Vietnam, ranking in the top 800 best universities in the world. The development strategy of Ton Duc Thang University can be seen as the direction and hope for the future of higher education in Vietnam.

However, it is in danger of being strangled by dirty governance and media.

An annual Trade Union Congress held by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. Observers say that the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor for a long time has not been of any help to workers and people. Vietnamese workers in their injustices and misery except for holding the entire trade union fund accumulated up to VND29 trillion to send to the bank for interest-earning, have recently been questioned by the press about why not use what is useful for the workers

In short, Ton Duc Thang University was originally a people-founded school, then changed to semi-public, then returned to the public, assigned to the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor as the governing body. Despite being the governing body, the VGCL does not make any contribution to the development of Ton Duc Thang University. Because the school operates completely autonomously, does not use even a penny of the budget, self-administers, operates, develops by itself, takes care of the lives of staff members …

Small owner but real benefits. The VGCL repeatedly requested Ton Duc Thang School to pay the Federation 30% of the financial surplus. Literally, the university is self-paying, self-recruiting, teaching, buying and investing, paying taxes … If it has 10 dollars of profit, it must give three to the General Confederation.

The university rector – Mr. Le Vinh Danh is a scholar. He did not get to his knees and did not do things that were disrespectful and irreverent, such as compromising peace, keeping his chair, to maintain rights and money, but on the contrary, he opposed the “rent” of the Federation.

Immediately, a series of inspections and inspections rushed into the university activities, messing up an educational environment that was swimming out of the village pond and out into the world.

Consequently, even though the university does not get financial support from the state budget, it has been piloted by the Prime Minister to operate in the form of financial autonomy, investment, and governance … but the university and its rector are still handled on the Party side, for ambiguous reasons, presses on university regulations to spend a mountain of budget.

Discipline, removal from the Party’s side, suspension of positions in terms of government, or suspension of the rector position for Mr. Le Vinh Danh – the guide and soul of success in Ton Duc Thang – is carried out rush to the point of defying the law.

Rector of Ton Duc Thang University, Dr. Le Vinh Danh, born in 1963, studied at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand and Post-PhD in the Fulbright Scholar Program in the US

Having no authority to suspend the rector, but the VGCL has suspended 90 days, causing the university to fall into misery, the beautiful image of the school smeared.

And that is why the public has abandoned Ton Duc Thang as if this is a special matter, a struggle for power and interests of one side and another.

Consciousness open-minded is the origin of science. However, science needs both the spirit and the habit of free thinking and criticism to form, because without these two things, there would be no truth. Truth is not only the goal but also the inspiration of science. There is no habit of free in thought and criticism, no doubt and enlightenment; without enlightenment, there can be no University environment. Free symbol, therefore, represents the dream and inherent nature that the university environment must build,”- that is the statement of Dr. Le Vinh Danh about the value of the truth freely in science.

Thinking like Mr. Danh, how many people is this education?

It is true that this society, being good is a crime, not corruption, waste, self-interest is also a crime. But, the bigger sin is daring to be human, daring to have ideals, having dreams and aspirations,” journalist Bach Hoan stated.

Explaining the decision to sign the law on the party side to Mr. Le Vinh Danh, journalist Bach Hoan said:

Who is disciplining Mr. Le Vinh Danh, the person with the greatest merit in building an educational school ranked 701 in the top 800 best universities in the world – Ton Duc Thang University?

They are leaders of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, University of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City, University of Education Ho Chi Minh City, University of Saigon …

Dr. Le Vinh Danh welcomes the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau to visit the school and talk with the lecturers and students of Ton Duc Thang University in November 2017

The leaders of these schools sit on the inspection committee of the party committee at universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City.

This committee is the body that makes the decision to disciplining Mr. Le Vinh Danh from the end of his position in the Party, leading to the risk of Mr. Danh being kicked out of Ton Duc Thang University, where he is doing very well of an intellectual pursuing the goal of educational development, not teaching staff in this corrupt education.

Paradoxically, the universities are still sucking on the budget milk, eating the nation but still sluggish, discrete, participating in the party organization disciplining the head of a university who is fully autonomous. All-in, Ton Duc Thang University does not spend up to 1 penny tax and still grow well, recognized internationally.

This means that those who are disciplined, those who contribute rice, those who stoop to disciplining the upright, the weak disciplining the talented, those who fail to discipline the successful …

What is evil and corrupt? What is justice and righteousness? This question is for those who are still aspiring for an education that brings achievements to create the nation and serve humanity.

And of course, not for slaves- teaching workers in this country,” journalist Bach Hoan concluded. (Translated)