General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong builds party – Criminals appear everywhere

In the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, in Binh Tan district, the incident happened as a group of 200 people riding motorcycles and carrying weapons such as long swords and professionally designed three-pronged sticks to stumb a pub, smashing equipment and furniture and assaulting customers. The group left quickly in a uniform orange shirt with hundreds of motorbikes roaring on the road.

Many recorded video clips show the size of the criminal group and the violence raging the streets like a place without people, no government police are present to intervene, people only have ways to run away to keep their lives. The pub owner, along with the staff, was completely helpless, and was lucky that not being stabbed and cut.

Orange band of 200 people carrying machetes swords and forked knives broke into Oc Huong restaurant in Binh Tan district, causing customers to run away in chaos

On the evening of June 5 a gang of about 200 people, mostly dressed in orange, arrived by many motorbikes, carrying weapons dragged to a Oc Huong pub on Street 6, An Lac A ward, Binh Tan district. When entering the pub, they broke into the barrage and beat people in the shop. Many diners in the shop rushed to run.

According to the camera, a person in the pub was knocked down to the floor by the group. After smashing and hitting people, the group got on their motorbikes and left.

Seeing the group of about 200 people holding weapons go on many motorbikes to form a long group on the road, many people on the road panicked.

At 4 pm of June 7, HCM City Press Center held a press conference to announce the initial investigation information about the “orange shirt gang” disorder of OC Huong pub in Binh Tan district.

About 8.30 pm of June 5, at the Oc Huong pub, No. 86-88, Street 6, Quarter 8, An Lac ward, Binh Tan district, owned by Mr. Nguyen Van Qui (born in 1993), about 200 young people came on motorbikes (most in orange) holding homemade knives, pointing three prongs to swear at the pub. Some subjects broke into the bar to break tables and chairs, glass cabinets and hit the head of Mr. Lam Thanh Long’s beer bottle (born in 1990, a guest drinking).

After beating Mr. Long, causing injuries and smashing at the pub, the group of young people got in their vehicles and left together. Time to gather in front of the bar until the objects left was short.

According to an initial investigation, the attack was triggered by a conflict between some people who got support from other gangsters to form the attacking group to assault the pub.

The case was probed criminally.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen The Lam, from Ho Chi Minh City Police Department at the press during the press conference on June 7, 2020

The city’s Police Department investigated and cooperated with the HCM City People’s Procuracy to closely consolidate the initial documents, making a decision to prosecute a criminal case of three groups of violations on “caussing public disorder,” “intentionally causing injury or harming the health of others” and “a crime of destroying or intentionally damaging property.”

The police office urges relatives and families of attacking guys to persuade them to surrender to enjoy the leniency of the law, and asked people to provide information about the gangsters.

Lam said said that in addition to the decision to prosecute a criminal case on three charges, the HCM City ‘s Police Department issued arrest warrants against 15 suspects and continue to expand the investigation.

Who leads the “orange gang“?

Answering the question about the origin of the weapons of the “orange gang,” Lam said that the weapons that the police seized were mostly rude, self-made but very dangerous.

The orange jacket that the gang wears can be easily identified while resolving conflicts with the other group. The origin of the weapons and jackets worn by the “orange gang” will be clarified by the police during the investigation.

Regarding the question of whether a gang with hundreds of people meeting to resolve a conflict is an organized criminal activity, Lam did not answer directly to the question but said he would clarify in the process. investigate.

Similarly, the question of who is the leading the band and what conflict leads to the scandal caused by the public opinion, Lam said that because the case is still in the process of continuing the investigation, it is temporarily not to publicize conflicting details.

By June 9, the Binh Tan district Police in collaboration with the Criminal Police of HCM City Police Department detained about 36 suspects

The fact that the youth group was in a union but why the police did not detect and stop in time, Lam said when the group of young people went to Ho Hoc Lam street, the traffic police detected and notified through radio to deploy professional measures. “The target group was not blocked in place because the road from Ho Hoc Lam to the location of the incident was very close, so the deployment was not timely,” Lam explained.

Portrait of a leader of 200 criminals in orange clothes  smashing Oc Huong restaurant.

By the evening of June 9, regarding the “orange gang“, the Binh Tan district Police in collaboration with the Criminal Police of HCM City Police Department detained about 36 suspects, including Tran Thanh Tuan, also called “Tuấn Be.”

Through learning Tuan “B” – the object is said to lead a gang of 200 thugs breaking the Oc Huong restaurant in Binh Tan has just been arrested by HCM City’police in Ninh Thuan. Because Tuan’s “B” juniors contradicted some remnants of X.T (Binh Tan), Tuan “B” mobilized juniors to beat X.T’s group …

Regarding the case of 200 people dressed in orange, holding weapons and marching in the streets, storming into a pub at No. 6 Street, An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, smashing shops and beat 1 injured on June 5

After a period of active search and identification of a number of people who are key conspirators and members of this 200-person group, the HCM City Police and the police chief of the Criminal Police Department organized a search and arrested more than 36 suspects.

Hundreds of motorbikes of the orange group running on the streets holding knives, swords, three-forked sticks

The subject was said to be the mastermind in this case after the incident that escaped to Ninh Thuan. A reconnaissance team has tracked down and captured this object and relocated to HCM City to investigate and handle.

Tuan “B” – who is said to be the leader of 200 thugs has been arrested by Ho Chi Minh City police.

According to initial information, the subject of deportation from Ninh Thuan to Ho Chi Minh City is Tran Thanh Tuan (aka Tuan “B“, born in 1984, living in Binh Tan). Initial information is known, some juniors of Tuan “B” are in conflict with the group of XT’s juniors (an object gathered in a series of subjects in District 8, Binh Chanh, Binh Tan under the tutelage) so Tuan B mobilized 200 subjects to resolve the conflict with the XT team

Who is Tuan “B” who can gather in more than 200 people in a short time and prepare uniforms and weapons to solve conflicts? Through knowledge learned, Tuan “B” is the object of a gangster in Binh Tan district and neighboring districts such as Binh Chanh and District 8. In 2016, Tuan “B” mobilized dozens of Gypsy subjects under his control to devise a payment to another group of Gypsy to win the protection.

In February 2016, Tuan “B” gathered dozens of people at a coffee shop on Rocket Street, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District planning to liquidate rivals. At this time, Tuan’s group “B” were with dangerous weapons, Tuan B alone was with K54 gun, 2 boxes of ammunition and 15 bullets. However, Tuan’s “B” plan went bankrupt when reconnaissance teams of the Criminal Police Department – Ho Chi Minh City Police Department came to arrest him. (Translated)