Vietnamese President was “slapped”

Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong

On April 4, Vietnamese President Vo Van Thuong welcomed the Governor-General of Australia David Hurley. This is a normal reception ceremony for the head of state like any other reception. However, it is worth mentioning that the message that Mr. Vo Van Thuong sent to the Governor-General of Australia, which included the following passage: “It is recommended that Australia continue to cooperate closely in the prevention of transnational crime and illegal immigration; control and handle terrorist individuals and organizations that may use Australian territory to conduct anti-Vietnam activities.

Firstly, Australia has no responsibility to protect Vietnam, who opposes Vietnam, that is Vietnam’s own business, not Australia’s responsibility. When the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and its regime suppress religion and freedom of speech, democratic countries raise this issue but the regime says that “it is an internal matter” of Vietnam. The trick of the Communist Party of Vietnam is that when they terrorize the people, when the international speaks out, they say it’s their internal matter, when they can’t suppress the Vietnamese abroad, they tell foreigners to suppress for them? So what is the internal story of Vietnam?

The second thing is, the overseas Vietnamese are not against Vietnam at all, they are only against the ruling party. Thus, the words of President Vo Van Thuong said that either the President was naive, or he fraudulently swapped the concept. A game with the nature of a wise person in Vietnam.

Vo Van Thuong’s words were discussed in the press for a while, exposing the face of the President of the country to the public. Australia is a civilized, independent and self-governing country. They are not like the Communist Party, must be afraid of China. Even with China having 56 times the population of Australia, they don’t get bored. They just do what they think is right. So why did a Vietnamese President tell the Governor-General of Australia that Australia must take care of Vietnam? The President of Vietnam is either ignorant, or immature, when compared to world leaders.

Not long after Governor-General David Hurley visited Vietnam, Australia issued a new two-dollar coin commemorating the Vietnam War. The organization that the Australian military stood with is the US Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. They fought for a freedom that, although that freedom could not be kept, they prided themselves on having done a noble duty. This is an international responsibility, for a progressive world.

It is known that on that coin, Australia has a picture of the famous UH-1 helicopter during the Vietnam War. The special thing is, Australia prints the yellow flag of the Republic of Vietnam on this coin. This flag now represents Vietnamese Australians and is also the flag of freedom and civilization for overseas Vietnamese. Australia once sacrificed blood and blood for the freedom of Vietnam, now they print on the coin the flag that they fought to protect, that is the right of the Australian government. That’s an internal affair of Australia.

The fact that Australia has printed a yellow flag with 3 red stripes on their 2-dollar coin shows that Australia has slapped “fool” Vo Van Thuong in the face. A person who has risen to the position of the state president is completely oblivious to the boundaries of rights and obligations of Vietnam and other countries.

In the past, people criticized Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc as the villager who was the President of the country. However, that is just the style of the former President, but the former President Phuc is not as naive as Mr. Vo Van Thuong.

Vo Van Thuong belongs to the 7X generation but is completely ignorant of the values ​​that the civilized world is protecting. It’s sad for a head of state and sad for a nation. The Vietnamese people are not inferior to other nations in terms of intelligence, but why should a “fool” represent them? Tragedy! (Translated)