Thich Chan Quang became “mute ghost” while Thich Truc Thai Minh restrains

The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha is essentially a kind of extended arm of the ruling communist party.

The Communist Party of Vietnam has “given birth” to many types of associations and unions that, on the surface, according to their organizational structure, appear to be civil society. However, in reality, these associations are all subject to coordination of the Party, is the extended arm of the party to indirectly control society.

We can name a number of these types of associations, such as the Farmers’ Association, the Women’s Association, the Veterans Association, the Writers Association, etc., which are all organizations nurtured by the party, to act as lackeys for the party, in the field it represents.

The Vietnamese Buddhist Church over the years has been “partisanized” not only in ideology, but also in its practitioners. In terms of ideology, the party forces Buddhist studies programs to study Marxism-Leninism, to incorporate so-called Socialism into Buddhism, etc. Regarding people, the party brings in some party members to be the abbot of large temples or turn monks into party members. Since then, the Vietnamese Buddhist Church has been transformed, the dharma has become distorted, turned into evil dharma, causing society to be corrupted.

The party’s plan is to use ghosts to fool the people, to profit and then divide the profits back to the government. Both the demon monk and the regime officials benefit. And they thought that, once they successfully dumbed down the people, the people would not be able to recognize their sinister plot.

However, they did not expect that it was social networks that exposed the true face of the ghost monks, and through that, indirectly exposed the so-called “Dharma – Nationalism – Socialism.” Accompanied by the appearance of true monks, pulling people back to the path of Dharma.

Monk Thich Phap Hoa – a monk living in Canada, has given sermons that have awakened many people. Next, in the country, there was the appearance of a monk who practiced the Buddha’s 13 virtues, causing people to become more enlightened. It is worth mentioning that monk Thich Minh Tue also does not belong to the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

Just like that, if you want to live a true religious life, you must stay out of the clutches of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church.

Even though the government took action to force monk Thich Minh Tue to become a monk, the awakening of the people continued and the government could not extinguish it. Since then, there has been a movement to protest against the group of evil monks and ghost monks who ignore the people’wills for profit. This is an irreversible trend, because it is based on facts.

At some point, the Communist government had no other choice. If it don’t cool down the people’s hearts, maybe, from protesting against the “savages” the people will turn to protesting against the government for creating these devils.

Recently, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha locked up the demon monk Thich Chan Quang for 2 years. This is the way they can cool down people’s opposition. However, there are still many other famous ghost monks, especially Thich Truc Thai Minh – the abbot of Ba Vang Pagoda. This man is also being opposed by the online community, no less than Thich Chan Quang.

Recently, monk Thich Truc Thai Minh had to postpone the “summer retreat” for students. This is considered an act of shrinking the trunk to avoid a “storm.” The storm of protests is spreading strongly and the government is forced to deal with those who are opposed to appease social anger.

Last year, monk Thich Truc Thai Minh used a blade of grass to make up a story about the “Buddha’s hair relic” with the aim of taking advantage of his disciples. This idea was quite successful, as many ignorant people came to worship. However, very quickly, this lie was exposed by social networks, forcing the government to step in to appease social outrage. They said they were “involved” but in fact, they alerted Thich Truc Thai Minh to disperse the evidence. And thanks to that, Thich Truc Thai Minh escaped the fraud sentence and was only disciplined within the church.

This time, Thich Truc Thai Minh quickly withdrew his tentacles to avoid widespread public outrage. This is a sign that the demon monks of the Vietnam Buddhist Church are no longer easy to cheat and make money through the trade of selling gods and selling saints with protection, as they have been for a long time.


Tran Chuong –