Militarizing Party’s Secretariat, Nguyen Phu Trong decides to fight for his leadership

Currently, the media apparatus of Vietnam’s authoritarian regime is shielding an old man who is about to die but still tries to cling to power.

This is truly a tragedy for the country, when national problems are ignored. Because at the country’s leaderhsip, they only worry about fighting each other, some are plotting to grab the power, others are focusing all their attention on chess games, just trying to keep their positions.

In Animal Farm, author George Orwell wrote: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Indeed, in Vietnam, there is a group of animals that are more equal than others. That is the group at the top, claiming the right to take all the rights for themselves, and ignore the rights of 100 million people.

The country’s economy is increasingly miserable, the reason is that the top leaders only worries about fighting, does not invest brainpower in macro policies, how to manage the country more effectively, how to make the economy develop sustainably. A term of office lasts 5 years, but the last 3 years are a period of chaos and power struggles within the ruling communist party. The first two years were also chaotic, but not to the same extent as the last three years. All implemented policies have almost failed, however, the achievements are still “spectacular” because there is a propaganda machine that paints the achievements.

Some people compare General Secretary Trong to a person who is pathologically infatuated with power. He considered power more important than his own life, and he tried to cling to this magic power until his last breath. With this momentum, perhaps the time will come when Chinese doctors also have to surrender to Chinese medicine.

Once in charge of the Ministry of Public Security and Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Trong has unparalleled power in the political arena. Now, the Ministry of Public Security is slipping out of his hands, and the Ministry of National Defense is also gradually leaving his hands, when he himself is no longer healthy enough to chair meetings of the Central Military Commission. At the same time, there are signs that Minister of National Defense Phan Van Giang also appears to be a man of the times, no longer clinging to an old man.

The Ministry of Public Security used to be the sword in Trong’s right hand, and the Ministry of National Defense was once the sword in his left hand. Now both of his hands can no longer hold any sword. This is a sign that his political career has come to an end, but it seems that he is still not resigned. He grabbed two army generals to strengthen the Secretariat – the place considered his home turf.

General Luong Cuong was assigned to the permanent position of the Secretariat, on behalf of Trong to fight against the strong winds and waves caused by the rebels. In addition, he also elevated Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia to the Politburo, to strengthen his Secretariat. Perhaps, because he lost his two powerful swords, he grabbed two retired army generals to patch up what was lost.

Assuming that Trong accepts the general rules of the game as stipulated in the party’s rules, the political elite will not be as chaotic as it is now. After Trong became General Secretary, he set a bad precedent – a precedent of robbery.

But when the party and state leaders only worry about fighting and robbery, do they still care about the order stipulated in legal documents?

If he knew how to think ahead, knew that for the common good, even if not for the national good, it should be for the good of the party and himself, then he would not have tried to cling to power like that. If he sets a good example, then future generations can follow.

When the Communist Party is less chaotic, they will have time and the leadership will have the mind to implement the policies the party puts forward. From there, Vietnam’s economy would more or less benefit, rather than allowing the leadership to be chaotic and only worry about fighting and fighting.


Thai Ha –