Who was afraid of footsteps?

The footsteps of Monk Minh Tue are not only the footsteps of a Buddhist practitioner but also the footsteps of a measure of truth value.

Comparing great men is often difficult because it is lame because each great man brings a different value. But if we compare the phenomenon, monk Minh Tue has awakened the value of life and awakened the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people.

Master Thich Minh Tue walks for alms

In the past 100 years, three Vietnamese people were welcomed and seen off by people lining the roadside. The special thing is that Minh Tue is only a monk after 6 years but has awakened the true hearts of millions of Vietnamese Buddhists.

Minh Tue cannot be compared to late State President Ho Chi Minh and legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap, but the images of people standing on both sides of the road to prepare the path and spread flowers make us all think of the great men of the nation.

What made it so? It is the corruption of the lifestyle of most famous monks today that has been a great reflection of the footsteps of an obscure monk and has pushed him to become an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of Vietnamese Buddhism.

People were afraid of those footsteps, because every step of him – a true monk – shook Vietnamese Buddhism. If those footsteps were to continue the journey to southernmost cape Ca Mau, it would certainly creating a great earthquake that destroyed all the temples and the highest venerable monks of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church. This makes the Buddhist church extremely scared!

Those steps not only destroyed pseudo-Buddhism but also shook other people in the country of hundreds of millions of people, wondering if there is anyone who goes out these days and gets people lining up along the street to pay their respects and respect, spread flowers and carpets? That’s why not only fake Buddhists but also many other people are afraid.!!!

Fear rose as each day the line of queues grew several kilometers longer along the roadside. They were afraid that if they waited too long, the queue would be the largest in the history of great people in Vietnam. That was the reason for the monk’s footsteps must be stopped.


If the Buddhist temple is awake, if the government is awake, then it is an opportunity to promote the image of the country, just propagandize the people to be orderly and respectful, expel amateur filming groups, and limit illegal images with bad photos on the Internet, choose monks who are virtuous, devoted and righteous enough to accompany the monks, do not allow fake monks or curious people who like challenges to take advantage of the image of Minh Tue monks to join the group, causing chaos in the streets, reducing the pure majesty of Dharma practice. Block the door and ban evil masters who make jealous and envious statements… If only that were possible, not only would Buddhism ascend to the throne, but the government would open its face, the people would be excited, and we would spread a message of freedom and democratic happiness to the whole world.

I would advise the government and the Buddhist church to continue letting Monk Minh Tue continue on that journey of humane, joyful, and equanimous steps.

The people will be happy, the country will be filled with the vitality of love and happiness.

Remember: if you win the hearts of the people, you have everything, but if you lose the hearts of the people, you will lose everything. Be alert before it’s too late.

Thank you everyone who reads for your comments and shares.


Hanoi on June 9, 2024.

Professor Luong Ngoc Huynh.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/share/p/DyKgWTrGvsRzdZqb/