Buddhist monk Thich Minh Tue being forced not to go public: Hoax in VTV’s clip

Six days after the Communist government caused monk Thich Minh Tue to “disappear,” the national Vietnam Television (VTV) on June 8 broadcast a “reportage” about this monk. It includes a short interview with the monk.

This is considered an action by the government to deal with rumors over the past few days about his disappearance.

People do not believe in monk Thich Minh Tue’s desire to stay in one place, because until the time of his “disappearance,” the monk had never revealed this intention. Only after being caught by the police did the press and the Communist government spread the news that the monk decided to “retreat” in one location.

What people see very clearly is that monk Thich Minh Tue was forced by the government not to beg for alms. Thus, the words from the person who detained the monk were judged by the people as “putting words in the mouth” of the monk. People have reason to come to such a conclusion, because the Communist government’s behavior has not shown respect for monk Thich Minh Tue.

VTV was ironically named “king of fake news” by the people. It is no coincidence that people “gave” VTV such a humiliating title. But because, many times, this television station has used all sorts of nefarious tricks, such as cropping clips, cutting images and sounds, according to the Party’s intentions. With a government that exists based on lies, their propaganda tools must also use deceitful techniques to deceive the people.

After VTV’s “reportage” about monk Thich Minh Tue was broadcast on television, the online community was once again in an uproar because of the authenticity of the clip. People pay attention to the ancient tree behind the monk, painted white. This image is like a background, used to create a composite image, not a real scene. This is a simple technique in film editing that even a YouTuber can do, let alone VTV’s skilled technicians.

Besides, there is an opinion that, in natural forests, there are no trees whose roots are painted white. Therefore, this white-painted tree stump denounced that monk Minh Tue was not “in isolated place” but was being “detained” by the government. It is argued that original white-painted trees are often trees in parks, or in public agencies, or in detention facilities. If the filming scene is in a park, then obviously, it will be difficult to escape people’s phone lenses. Therefore, this could be an old tree on the campus of a state agency, or a detention facility. So, is it any different from the monk being imprisoned?

Some other analysts questioned, when filming the scene of reporter Lien Lien “interviewing” the monk, why did VTV not film the whole scene, or over the shoulder, but instead filmed separate images? Taking a panoramic photo, including the monk and the interviewer, is a very convincing image, why doesn’t VTV do it? Is this video edited by them?

One thing is certain, currently, either monk Thich Minh Tue is being forced into retreat by the Communist government or is being imprisoned.

From wrong actions, the Communist government continues to use the wrong to correct the wrong, and the task of “correcting” that mistake is assigned to VTV by the Communist government. However, in the eyes of millions of people, many of whom are knowledgeable about video editing and editing techniques, and are willing to look for any loopholes, it is not easy for VTV to successfully carry out this task. In the age of 4.0 technology, it is impossible to deceive people in such a simple way.

The very act of using force to force monk Thich Minh Tue and his group not to continue begging for alms demonstrated the Party’s distrust towards the people. It is said that “you have lost faith once, ten thousand times you have lost faith.” However, the Communist government has not only failed to trust the people once, they have already had thousands of times of distrust with the people, so how can the people trust them? What do they offer?


Hoang Phuc – Thoibao.de