The internal fighting of Communist Party of Vietnam becomes fierce

An inside source revealed:

While Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security prosecuted and temporarily detained the brother-in-law of Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha on charges related to the Hau phao case, the Defense Ministry is involving in investigation of Xuan Cau Holdings Company led To Dung, To’s younger brother of Minister of Public Security To Lam.

Currently, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha (hometown of Ha Tinh) is still operating normally but is banned from leaving the country.

Xuan Cau Village is the birthplace of To Lam, in Hung Yen province, used as the name of Xuan Cau Holdings Joint Stock Company. This company is a multi-industry corporation established in 2000, headquartered in Hanoi, with 6 shareholders contributing capital, all of whom are from the To family in Xuan Cau:

To Dung holds 61.76%, To Thi Thu Hien (16.15%), To Duy (11.1%), To Ho Thu (7.77%), Bui Quang Hieu (3%) and Nguyen Hung Manh (0.22%) charter capital.

To Dung (born in 1962), Chairman of the Board of Members of Xuan Cau Holdings Company, is the younger brother of General Lam who was born in 1957.

To Duy (born in 1992) is the son of To Dung. The father is the chairman while the son is the Business Development Director of Xuan Cau Holdings Company.

To Thi Thu Hien is Lam’s younger sister.

The army has always stayed out of all factional disputes, but now it seems that it has started to get involved or is being dragged into it?

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