Why does police chief’s game may make party chief and top legislator suffer greatly?

The fact that Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue of Vietnam’s National Assembly visited China, on the morning of April 8, met with President and General Secretary Xi Jinping in Beijing, is the focus of the domestic political forums.

In Beijing, Hue affirmed that “developing relations with China is a top priority.” Therefore, he was warmly welcomed by Xi and Wang Huning – the person in the 4th position in the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, who is known as Xi’s “brain.” The host talked with praise for the special “comradeship.”

VietnamNet online reported that at the meeting, Xi sent his regards to General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. Observers affirm that it can be said that Hue has won the support of Beijing.

On social networks, there are many different comments about Hue’s activities and statements during his time in Beijing. Most opinions agree that the ultimate purpose of his trip is to “buy” the protection of Beijing for General Secretary Trong and the Nghe Tinh political faction to deal with the attacks of police chief To Lam.

Facebooker Lang Giao commented “To Lam has shown that his ambition is not small, and of course, Vuong Dinh Hue saw it and felt like he was sitting on a fire. It forced Hue to make the next move, which was to go to Bẹing to show his obedience. Hue made promises so that Beijing could understand his carefulness and loyalty.”

Facebooker Linh Linh commented “After former STATE President Vo Van Thuong was quickly deposed, it seems that the Vietnamese regime needs to go to China to report on the situation in the country, and ask for guidance on next work. Trong should have gone over in person, but now it is too difficult for him to travel, so the task was assigned to Hue.”

Public opinion assesses that the instability of Vietnamese politics shows that the fighting between factions within the Party has reached a devastating point, and the parties can even “kill” each other. This confusion and instability can explode at any time, and the level of crisis is increasingly serious.

In this context, journalist Nguyen Hai Phu made a notable comment, that “Finally, the furnace has begun to move to Nghe Tinh, to show that there is no hiding area: Thuan An Group – backed by Nghe Tinh political fraction, growing up so fast, winning bids for many projects, like Phuc Son has been touched.”

According to the journalist, many well-informed sources revealed that recently, Nguyen Duy Hung – Chairman of Thuan An Group, a backyard of the Nghe An faction, was arrested by the Police Investigation Agency C03 of the Ministry of Public Security.

Former State President Vo Van Thuong was quickly deposed by General Lam, within just 17 days, for accepting bribes from Phuc Son Group. This made the Nghe Tinh faction in general and its “boss” Hue in particular feel scared, because he is Lam’s next target.

Since the 12th National Congress, after purging former Prime Minister Ba Dung’s faction, the Nghe Tinh faction has taken over most important positions of power in the Party apparatus, with the help of General Secretary Trong: Phan Dinh Trac sits as Head of the Central Committee’s Commission for Internal Affairs; Tran Cam Tu sits as Chairman of the Central Committee’s Commisssion for Inspection and they are prepared to eliminate anyone who opposes the General Secretary.

Not to mention, the key and powerful ministries in the Government, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are also managed by personnel from the Nghe Tinh faction. On the contrary, the violations of the Nghe Tinh faction’s leaders are often ignored and not punished.

In the context of the fierce power struggle between party chief Trong’s faction and Lam’s faction, the power of the Minister of Public Security was so strong that he was willing to arrest high-ranking officials on the personnel list managed by the Politburo and the Central Committee’s according to the “execute first, then report” style.

According to analysts, efforts to investigate violations of the Nghe Tinh faction’s leadership is a reasonable policy, in the spirit of no prohibited areas. However, it seems that Minister Lam wants to prove the bias and inequality in General Secretary Trong’s Party discipline, in order to discredit and eventually depose the General Secretary.

Is it true that the process of deposing party chief Trong and the Nghe An faction has officially begun, in a symphony called “upside down game” but according to knowledgeable people, even General Secretary Trong is unlikely to be at peace, let alone Hue./.


Tra My – Thoibao.de