Tragedy of Vietnamese people hiding in container trucks entering UK: Who is responsible?

In recent years, the situation of Vietnamese people seeking to immigrate to the UK, from France, is said to be extremely common. The main route they use is to hide on container trucks.

A typical example is the tragic story that happened in October 2019, British Police discovered 39 Vietnamese people dead in a container truck, from France to England. Recently, 7 Vietnamese immigrants were discovered in the back of a truck in the UK.

VnExpress on February 23 reported “Verifying information of 7 Vietnamese people in the back of a truck in the UK.” The news said that the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK was verifying information and discovered 7 immigrants believed to be Vietnamese citizens in the back of a truck at Newhaven ferry terminal.

According to Vietnam News Agency, British media previously reported that on February 16, this country’s authorities discovered 7 illegal immigrants, believed to be Vietnamese citizens, in the back of a truck in Newhaven ferry terminal, and said they received immediate medical attention.

Four of these people remain in hospital, and one is in critical condition, prosecutors said.

Previously, an international source on January 11 also said that the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK had confirmed that among the 14 illegal immigrants found in a refrigerated container at the port, there were 3 Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese people who crossed the border into the UK said they had to pay tens of thousands of pounds for human traffickers to bring them into the UK. They have to borrow this money to pay, with the hope that when they come to England they will find a job and earn money to pay off the debt.

According to observers, this is a very common situation, and has worsened Vietnam’s image in the eyes of the international community, especially European countries.

A question that arises is, “What do Vietnamese people spend money illegally immigrating to the UK for?”

According to the research and observations of reporters, a large number of Vietnamese citizens in provinces and cities, such as Hai Phong, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, etc. come to the UK to work illegally. These people said they entered the UK illegally and had to spend a large amount of money, some people had to pay up to 30,000 pounds.

It is known that the journey of these people is a very long and uncertain road. With a large amount of money to pay for each route, going through Germany, France, Belgium, then arriving in England.

In fact, there is no exact figure on the number of Vietnamese people who have illegally immigrated to the UK in recent years. However, according to estimates by the charity organization Salvation Army UK, the UK branch, the number of Vietnamese people illegally immigrating to the UK within a year, from July 2018 to July 2019, reached hundreds of thousands and had a record increase of 248% compared to previous years.

According to observers, this is a bet on their lives in exchange for a better future, compared to if they continue to live in Vietnam. Even though, everyone knows, the majority of Vietnamese illegal immigrants coming to the UK have gone through the most horrifying experiences of their lives. But these risks do not discourage those who want to leave.

Not to mention the consequences, once they leave illegally to other countries, it will be difficult for them to return to Vietnam to visit their families. They will have to live secretly abroad for the rest of their lives, until they have enough money to buy fake documents, then maybe they will have a chance to return to Vietnam.

Vietnamese leaders are always proud that Vietnam has never had such a bright fortune as it is today. General Secretary Nong Duc Manh once declared that by 2020, Vietnam will become an industrial country.

Meanwhile, up to now, Vietnamese people still have to compete to line up to work in foreign countries. In addition, how many people had to perish on their way to find a way out and died in containers!

Yet, in the case of 39 Vietnamese people dying in a container in the UK in 2019, Vietnamese media still believes that the responsibility belongs to the UK, not the fault of the Vietnamese state.

Tuoi Tre newspaper on November 2, 2019 commented that the incident “is not the responsibility of the Vietnamese Government. And it’s not because of those victims, and not even because of the traffickers” but “The main problem is an immigration policy that has been malfunctioning for a long time in rich countries.”

This shows the irresponsibility of the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam towards its citizens./.


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