Wrongly convicted, bikini model Ngoc Trinh knows what to do to avoid the Party’s “claws”!

After more than 3 months of being detained by Ho Chi Minh City Police, on February 2, model-actress Ngoc Trinh was sentenced by the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City to 1 year of suspended prison sentence, and 2 years of probation. At the same time, she was immediately released in court. This is only the first instance session, there may also be an appeal session, if the Procuracy objects.

A fault worthy of only an administrative penalty, but Ngoc Trinh was imprisoned for more than 3 months and sentenced, even though it was only a suspended sentence, but it was still a sentence. She still has a “criminal record” considering that her career and many other social activities, especially making money, will not be as easy as before. Advertising contracts will not be as “expensive” as before. Those are huge losses for Ngoc Trinh.

During the process of being detained, Ngoc Trinh was defended by public opinion, simply because she was abused and harshly punished by a regime apparatus. She is just an individual, unable to resist an entire government apparatus, with power and force in hand. Everyone knows it, and Ngoc Trinh knows it too.

In a lawless state like Vietnam, using law and reason to protect yourself from the clutches of the government is impossible. Only by obediently following the prepared script can she hope to be relieved. Otherwise, just relies on the law to protect yourself, even if she is right, this government wants to punish her severely, so what can Ngoc Trinh do to?

During Ngoc Trinh’s detention, Ho Chi Minh City Police were accused of abusing their power. Immediately afterward, this force created a clip of Ngoc Trinh “confessing” and then posted it to the newspaper. The police’s goal is to force Ngoc Trinh to incriminate herself before public opinion, and that is also an indirect way, the government affirms before public opinion, that Ngoc Trinh is wrong and they are right.

Actually, Ngoc Trinh was wrong, but her mistake was not serious enough for being arrested. On the contrary, the very act of arresting Ngoc Trinh by the Ho Chi Minh City Police was wrong, because they abused their power and arrested people indiscriminately.

After the trial, the press dragged Ngoc Trinh’s father to the press, saying that he was happy with the verdict the court had issued against his daughter. Once again, the government brought out the victim’s relatives, portraying the government’s “leniency” act. While in fact, the suspended prison sentence is too harsh for Ngoc Trinh.

Not long after being released, Ngoc Trinh wrote a status on her personal Facebook, with the following content:

“Today, after a long time, Trinh had the opportunity to meet you again – those who have always supported and encouraged Trinh for so long. First of all, Trinh would like to sincerely thank the Party, the state and the law for giving Trinh the opportunity to return to daily life, to realize my dreams and unfinished work….”

Ngoc Trinh was imprisoned and unjustly sentenced by an abuser, but she had to “thank the Party, the state and the law.” She must thank the Party first, then the state and the law. The Party is the “parent” that creates the state and laws of this regime.

Thank to the Party for being considered the “unwritten law” for those who want to live peacefully under this regime. Therefore, Ngoc Trinh’s status is considered wise. Because she experienced this storm, she understood better than anyone else how terrifying the communist clutches were. If they want a death sentence, they are willing to buy “evidence” on the market and bring it into court as evidence to frame the crime. No one is not afraid.

Currently, Ngoc Trinh may be on appeal. If she dares to protect her rights according to the law, the appeal will be the punishment. Even after the appeal hearing (if there is one), Ngoc Trinh will not be able to escape if she dares to complain about herself on social networks.

That’s living under this regime. We must accept that “The Party is always right” and the people are always wrong. Even if you are unjustly convicted, you still have to praise “The Party gave you a chance” to avoid being bitten by the Party’s claws again. Society is lawless, people can only live like this in peace.


Kasse animation 7.8.2023