Minister To Lam strives to raise police income, preparing finances for post-Nguyen Phu Trong war

A checkpoint of the Traffic Police force in Hanoi

Recently, public opinion has seen that interest groups of the Ministry of Public Security have been aggressively looking for additional sources of revenue for this force, with shady intentions.

Most recently, on November 10, the National Assembly passed the 2024 Central Budget Allocation Resolution. In particular, the Ministry of Public Security receives up to 85% of revenue from sanctioning administrative violations in traffic safety.

Immediately, a series of subsequent moves by the Ministry of Public Security were born, such as: Penalties for alcohol concentration above 0%; and the latest is the proposal “Compulsory installation of dash cams for motorbikes.”

Public opinion believes that this proposal from the Ministry of Public Security causes difficulties for the people, and the state press has a general assessment that: “According to records, the majority of National Assembly deputies, experts, and people do not approve of attaching dash cameras to motorbikes.”

Tuoi Tre newspaper on November 26 reported with the headline, “Motorbikes must have dash cams installed: Not feasible, very expensive.”

The news reports that the Draft Law on Road Traffic Safety and Order is being discussed and commented on by the National Assembly at its 6th session, at Point c, Clause 1, Article 33 requires “motor vehicles and specialized vehicles must have a trip monitoring device and a device to collect driver image data according to regulations.”

According to Tuoi Tre newspaper, the opinions of the majority of National Assembly deputies, experts and people do not approve of attaching dash cameras to motorbikes. At the same time, National Assembly delegates also proposed to reconsider this proposal in the bill.

According to observers, there has never been a bill like the “Law on Road Traffic Safety and Order” that has received such strong public reaction. People believe that the proposal to force the installation of dash cams on motorbikes is a proposal that causes difficulties for people and shows signs of group interests.

At a time when the economy is very difficult, the income of the majority of people is not enough to eat, not enough for basic expenses, so where to get the money to finance íntallation?

It is known that currently, there are over 6 million cars in Vietnam; 73 million motorbikes and motorbikes are in circulation. According to National Assembly delegates, attaching mandatory dash cameras to motorbikes is unprecedented in the world, is not feasible, and is not convincing.

The technical community commented that this is a ridiculous and unreasonable proposal. At the same time, warn that installing dash cameras on motorbikes will cause a high risk of fire and explosion, which is difficult to ensure technically, especially with the large number of old motorbikes currently in circulation.

That’s not to mention the number of tens of millions of dash cams, which are definitely Chinese products. With each motorbike having to have a dash cam installed, will foreign countries sell tens of millions of products to the Vietnamese market?

So, does the Ministry of Public Security’s policy have anything to do with helping the Chinese economy overcome its current stagnant situation?

Public opinion sees that there has never been a term of Minister of Public Security like the time of Minister To Lam. To Lam has continuously made proposals and requests that are profiteering for group interests, for him as well as for the ministry.

From citizen identification cards of all kinds, driver’s licenses changing and changing everything, it’s still not enough, now we have come up with many circulars to supplement. Especially traffic-related issues, such as alcohol concentration, are now required to install dash cams for motorbikes.

These are all suggestions and proposals that are harmful to the people, on the contrary, beneficial to the police in receiving 85% of the fine.

The directives and proposals of the Ministry of Public Security have shown that To Lam is doing everything possible to discredit the Communist Party of Vietnam, to contribute to pushing the Communist regime down the cliff?

Moreover, if this regulation “mandating personal motorbikes to be equipped with trip monitoring devices” is passed by the National Assembly, the focal points importing this device will earn significant profits.

Meanwhile, Minister To Lam and leaders of the Ministry of Public Security are feverishly preparing for the war after Nguyen Phu Trong retires. Then try doing a little math, take these tens of millions of surveillance camera devices, multiply by the profit of each device by a few tens of thousands of dong, and you will get an unimaginable number.

Earning so much and so easily, enough money to fight for positions, so why don’t To Lam and the Ministry of Public Security not do it? (Translated)