Deputy PM Le Van Thanh dies- cruel political game in Vietnam

On August 22, the state-controlled media simultaneously reported that Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, 61, passed away at 20:20 on August 22, at his home in Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen district, Hai city, due to a serious illness, according to information from the Central Committee for Health Care and Protection.


This is the result that many people have known in advance last year, when from within the document leaked the assignment of tasks for the remaining 3 deputy prime ministers to do the work for Mr. Thanh. Thanh was identified as suffering from a “strange disease” similar to that of President Tran Dai Quang, and also went to Japan for treatment like the former state leader.


News of Mr. Le Van Thanh’s death


The information that Mr. Le Van Thanh went to Japan for medical treatment emerged, after, on November 23, 22, on the social network appeared the Decision signed by Mr. Pham Minh Chinh on November 21, 2022, on the assignment of Deputy Prime Ministers Le Minh Khai and Vu Duc Dam are temporarily in charge of Mr. Le Van Thanh’s work in the Government. The news that Mr. Thanh went to Japan for medical treatment was silently denied by the press, however, the truth is still the truth. Although the press reported that Mr. Le Van Thanh made some decisions but the people could not be blindfolded.


It is known that before falling ill, on November 5, 2022, Mr. Le Van Thanh accepted an invitation to visit China from the Chinese Government. Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh attended and spoke online at the RCEP high-level forum, Shanghai, China. Similarly, before falling ill, Mr. Tran Dai Quang also visited China.

Most high-ranking officials after falling ill choose foreign countries for treatment, only Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong chooses Vietnam. Some people say that if one controls the Central Committee for Health Care Protection, he or she can safely treat his/her illness at home, if not, one should choose a foreign country. Because foreign countries only focus on treatment, not aiding those who plot to poison patients.


When he had a mysterious stroke in Kien Giang on April 14, 2019, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong chose to stay in Vietnam for treatment. Insiders said that Beijing sent the best doctors to 108 Military Hospital to treat the communist chief. It is unclear because the Vietnamese doctors are not qualified, or they don’t have enough trust, that Mr. Trong has to ask foreign doctors to treat him?

Mr. Le Van Thanh is considered a Nguyen Ba Thanh of Hai Phong, because through his hands, this city has prospered. Similar to Nguyen Ba Thanh, he was okay to be a local king, but when he returned to the central government, he was murdered. Both cases, Nguyen Ba Thanh and Le Van Thanh, are thought to be cases of unnatural deaths, related to life-and-death battles between factions in the country’s leadership.


In 2021, Mr. Le Van Thanh was forced to return to the government. Pushing Le Van Thanh into the position of Deputy Prime Minister, is considered as the “take a tiger out of his forest” to be slaughtered.

Hai Phong land is currently being allocated to Tay Ninh people, originally Mr. Tran Luu Quang. After Mr. Tran Luu Quang was assigned to the Government to replace Pham Binh Minh, the Tay Ninh group brought Le Tien Chau to lead the party committee in Hai Phong.

During the time when Mr. Le Van Thanh was Secretary of the Hai Phong City Party Committee, in addition to the achievements of economic development, he also left behind many bad legacies. In it, there is a business line of police chief Do Huu Ca. Minister of Public Security To Lam took Dinh Van Doi back to Quang Ninh, not only to fight in Quang Ninh territory, but also to fight the part of Hai Phong.

The game behind the scenes of Vietnam’s politics has many levels, if caught and jailed, it is considered a misdemeanor. A serious crime is a crime that is not prosecuted or imprisoned, but suddenly falls ill and dies. Because, even if convicted, you can still use the money to bribe and get lighter sentence and pardon during imprisonment, to serve a symbolic prison sentence, and then return home, but if you are infected with a “strange virus” by your comrades, then your chances of survival are considered to be zero.

Minh Anh – (Translated)