Vietnam seizes largest ever batch of smuggled ivory

A batch of seven tons of ivory was seized by Hai Phong Customs on March 20, 2023

A shipment of seven tons of ivory smuggled from Angola to Vietnam was seized by Hai Phong Customs on March 20. This is believed to be the largest shipment of ivory ever seized at Hai Phong port.

The international media reported the announcement from the Vietnamese Government as mentioned above.

The new seizure on March 20 follows the seizure of more than 600 kilograms of ivory last month at Lach Huyen port.

The ivory trade is illegal in Vietnam; however, this illegal act persists. In addition to ivory, many wild animals and their organs are also transported and traded in the market.

On February 21, a man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for “violating regulations on the protection of endangered animals.” The sentenced person is Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai because in July 2021 was identified by Da Nang City Customs as a user of many tricks to import two shipments of endangered wildlife back home.

The first batch includes 138 kg of rhino horn, more than three tons of lion bones from South Africa to Vietnam. The second batch was nearly half a ton of ivory and more than six tons of pangolin scales from Nigeria to Vietnam. (Translated)