Commedian actor, member of Communist Party Xuan Bac, is rude to audience.

Thanh Nien newspaper publishes Xuan Bac’s statement

On January 24, 2023, commedian artist Xuan Bac, director of the Vietnam Drama Theater, posted an article on Facebook which immediately caused a fury of public opinion. A series of Vietnamese newspapers published articles about this with headlines.

– Xuan Bac scolded the audience for thankless.

On social networks, the rage was even more terrible when it flooded the posts of many journalists, writers, painters and musicians expressing their displeasure about the article of the young director of the Vietnam Drama Theater.

Xuan Bac often plays comedic roles in his career, the success that brought him to the title of people’s artist and director of the theater is not because his acting career which is not good, not to mention his ungratefulness.  It comes from the spirit of servitude loyal to the regime through collective activities. In terms of career awards, he only received 2 badass awards: Impressive Presenter Award in 2017 and Impressive Artist Award in 2021.

Having only won these two insignificant awards, Xuan Bac was awarded the title of People’s Artist, comparable to artists of banyan trees, and even more than many other excellent artists. Regarding corporate political activities, Xuan Bac is the Typical Young Face of the Capital of 2009, member of the Central Team Council, vice president of the Vietnam Youth Union.

The comedy show Tao Quan in 2023, after being broadcast on television, received too many criticisms as boring and bland. People’s artist Xuan Bac immediately wrote on his Facebook an article about his mother’s banh chung, children criticized but still ate until full, he said that such children should be slapped in the face.

Vietnam net newspaper publishes Xuan Bac’s statement

Many people think that the budget for the Tao Quan program comes from the taxpayers’ money, the performers are the ones who have been paid, the program is boring, they can’t say that the audience is thankless.

The governing body and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism need to seriously consider the insolent attitude of people’s artist Xuan Bac towards Vietnamese audiences. He likens himself to the audience’s mother, making spiritual dishes like a mother making banh chung, a child who criticizes that as a liar needs to be slapped in the face. This is not the spirit of the cultural artist, this is the bossy habit of the Vietnamese cultural official.

The Tao Quan program has many artists participating, the number of which is dozens of artists. However, only the director of the Vietnam Drama Theater, People’s Artist Xuan Bac, reacted in such a vulgar, uneducated, uncultured manner to the audience. As such, it is understandable why Vietnamese art can’t go far.

Public opinion and the audience are waiting for the response of the governing body. If the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the Central Commission on Propaganda and Education do not take any action against Xuan Bac, it means that they support Xuan Bac’s insolent attitude towards the audience and the masses, they confirm the fact that a cultural official he can say anything uncultured, as long as he doesn’t mess with the regime and the party.

Nguoi Buon Gio (Wind trader)