Two police officers in Vietnam’s northern province of Thai Binh were probed for using corporal punishment

Mr. B died at Vu Thu District General Hospital (Thai Binh province)

The Supreme People’s Procuracy of Vietnam has just probed and detained the former head and his deputy of the Criminal Police and Judicial Support Team of the Police Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province for the allegation of “using corporal punishment” under Article 373 of the Criminal Code 2015.

State media announced the above on November 10 and stated that the two people who were detained are Pham Quang Hung – former captain and Trinh Thanh Hung – former deputy head of the police team for criminal judgment execution and legal assistance of the Vu Thu district Police in Thai Binh province.

The Thai Binh province’s Police Department said that two police officers were arrested in connection with a male suspect with the initials B.V.B born in 1974, residing in Trung An commune, Vu Thu district, who died unexpectedly in the police custody of Vu Thu district police’s temporary detention center in late February 2022.

The incident was discovered when Mr. B’s wife, Mrs. B.T.L, sent a criminal denunciation to the central procedural agencies, Thai Binh province about the fact that her husband, who was being held in custody, died abnormally at the Vu district police. In her petition, according to the Labor source, Ms. L. said on September 19, 2021, the police of Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province came to her house and asked her and her husband to come to their headquarters for interrogation about his allegation in prostitution.

However, according to the content of the letter, Ms. L. said that after taking the testimony, she was allowed to go home but Mr. B was kept until February 2022. During the six months, he was detained at the police station, her family never saw Mr. B. On February 20, 2022, Ms. L received a call from Trung An Commune Police and this person gave the phone number of a police officer from the Vu Thu district.

“He told me to call that phone number to discuss work. After I called the above phone number, this person claimed to be the Vu Thu District Police, saying that my husband had stopped eating and was being fainted, the police took Mr. B to Vu Thu District General Hospital for emergency treatment, told me to go to the hospital to take care of him,” Mrs. L recounted the incident in the Lao Dong newspaper.

Mrs. L. immediately went to the hospital but received news that her husband had died. In her petition, Ms. L wrote “On Mr. B’s body, there were many wounds, bruises, scratches on the face, legs, hands, and whole body, there were wounds that had scabbed over and there were new wounds. There are traces of dried blood on the face. I was told by the doctor here that my husband died before being admitted to the hospital.”

Ms. L. then made a criminal denunciation and sent it to the authorities, requesting to investigate and clarify the cause of her husband’s death. After that, the investigation agency – Supreme People’s Procuracy investigated and on November 10, 2022, two policemen of Vu Thu district were probed and detained as mentioned above.

It is known that before being arrested, both Mr. Hung were disciplined and stripped of the police force.

Also in Vu Thu district, in May 2022, five former police officers and the People’s Procuracy of Vu Thu district were prosecuted and sentenced to between 12 months and 24 months in prison in the case of failing to prosecute law violators. (Translated)