Many Vietnamese workers are seriously affected by the lack of orders

Workers on strike on Lunar New Year last year

More than 11,000 workers in Ho Chi Minh City (HCM City) and An Giang are affected by the current shortage of orders, the state-controlled media reported on November 6.

Accordingly, the Union of Industrial Parks-Export Processing Zones (IZs-EPZs) in HCM City reported a decrease in orders affecting nearly 6,000 workers of 51 businesses in 17 IZs and EPZs of the city.

However, an official of the Trade Union of HCM City’s IZs and EPZs said that the number mentioned above is not complete because some businesses hide information and do not disclose it; some grassroots union officials have not actually reported at the company where they work.

The news clearly states that the orders that have been reduced the most belong to the group of clothes and shoes with famous brands in the world; wood and jewelry…

In An Giang, nearly 5,400 workers of An Giang Samho Co., Ltd. will have their labor contracts suspended from now until the end of December. The reason was given because two key partners Adidas and New Balance reduced and stopped ordering, making orders scarce. An Giang Samho is a unit specializing in manufacturing sports shoes, a factory in Binh Hoa Industrial Park, Chau Thanh district, An Giang province.

Nearly 5,400 workers will be reduced, labor contracts will be suspended, accounting for more than 50% of workers in An Giang Samho.

News on November 6 on the Internet newspaper Labor said that many workers are frustrated because until now, An Giang Samho has not closed the policy to support job loss.

VietnamNet announced that many businesses are planning to give workers the longest Lunar New Year holiday possible. There are places where the Tet holiday can be for a whole month due to a lack of orders. (Translated)

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