Ninh Thuan traffic accident killing female student: Hospital apologizes, promising to dismiss alcohol test results

The Management Board of Ninh Thuan Provincial General Hospital came to apologize to the girl’s family on August 5, 2022

The leaders of Ninh Thuan Provincial General Hospital apologized to the family and promised to dismiss the blood alcohol test results of a high school girl who was killed by an Air Force officer’s car.

The state-controlled media on August 5 quoted Mr. Ho Hoang Hung, the father of the victim Ho Hoang Anh, as just mentioned.

The management board of Ninh Thuan Hospital on the morning of August 5 made such a move after the strong reaction of many people and netizens about the obscurity in the high school girl’s death. The public was angry because after the accident, Ninh Thuan General Hospital again announced the blood concentration of the victim without doing this with the driver that caused the fatal accident.

The incident happened more than a month ago on June 28. According to the video recorded from the security camera, the seven-seater car driven by Major Hoang Van Minh (of the 937th Regiment / 370th Division / Air Defense Force) was in traffic when it turned right into a bank and collided with the motorbike of female student Ho Hoang Anh who was riding.

The accident caused 12th grade student Ho Hoang Anh to be thrown out of the car, her head hit on a roadside power pole, and died when she was taken to the Ninh Thuan Provincial General Hospital. The driver got out of the car to look at the accident with one hand still holding the phone and talking.

More than two weeks after the accident, Mr. Ho Hoang Hung, the girl’s father, received a notice from the Investigation Police Department under the Phan Rang-Thap Cham City Police with the results of his daughter’s blood alcohol test of 0.79 mg/100 ml.

On August 2, the police and the Department of Information and Communications of Ninh Thuan province held a press conference to announce a new conclusion about a traffic accident that killed a high school girl who was falsely accused of having a high blood alcohol concentration.

At the press conference published by the state media simultaneously, Senior Colonel Ha Cong Son – Deputy Chief of Police of Phan Rang – Thap Cham City, said that the investigation show tha, the person who caused the fatal accident Mr. Hoang Van Minh, an officer of the 937th Airborne Regiment, admitted to talking on the phone while driving.

Colonel Ha Cong Son also announced that the initial investigation showed that before the accident, Mr. Hoang Van Minh had changed the direction of the car unsafely. This violation resulted in an accident that killed female student Ho Hoang Anh, even though she was in the right lane and speed limit. Mr. Ha Cong Son stated his personal opinion is that the case has enough elements to probe the case to handle according to the provisions of law. (Translated)

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