Observers: Vietnam ‘picks sides’ with Russia in the UN vote

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to remove Russia from the Human Rights Council, New York, on April 7, 2022, which Vietnam was among the 24 members voting against.

Observers in Vietnam and abroad commented to VOA that the Vietnamese government has “moved closer” to Russia, and decided to “pick sides” with Moscow, instead of following the majority according to common sense in the vote on April 7 at the United Nations General Assembly. In addition, observers believe that this latest move by Hanoi, which coincides with and is consistent with Beijing’s position, will reduce Vietnam’s reputation internationally.

The United Nations General Assembly on April 7 voted to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council (UNHRC) over its accusations of human rights violations in Ukraine, with 93 votes in favor, 24 against, and 58 abstentions.

Vietnam on April 7 voted against, protesting the exclusion of Russia from the world’s largest human rights organization that Russia is participating in for the 2021-2023 term.

This is also the third resolution passed by the UN General Assembly regarding Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. The previous two resolutions condemned and demanded that Russia withdraw its troops from Ukraine, in which Vietnam abstained.

Observers say that Vietnam’s vote against this third resolution clearly shows Hanoi’s “pro-Russian” stance.

Hanoi is closer to Moscow

Vietnam was determined to be a vassal to an imperial country, Russia. Vietnam has chosen to side with the crime. This is something that the Vietnamese people, whether at home or abroad, cannot accept…I strongly oppose this act.”

Lawyer Dai analyzed his objection:

Russia’s actions in invading Ukraine, wreaking havoc on the country, killing civilians, including many women, the elderly, and children, are war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity.

In the first two votes of the United Nations General Assembly to ask Russia to end the war and withdraw its troops, Vietnam all abstained, but this time – after Russia’s threat that any country that chose to abstain vote or vote against them will affect Its relations with Russia – immediately the Vietnamese Communists chose to vote against the resolution to remove Russia from the UN Security Council.”

Accompanying Beijing

In an interview with VOA News right after the voting session on April 7 at the headquarters of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said:

It is an unprecedented historic vote that we have suspended a permanent member of the Security Council from the United Nations Human Rights Council. We have sent a strong message of support to the Ukrainians. We sent a strong message about human rights.”

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield said that Russia does not deserve to be a member of the Human Rights Council:

Russia should not undertake the role of a member of the Human Rights Council to use the council as a propaganda tool to spread their argument that Ukraine is responsible for its own destruction.”

Analysts recognize that there are clear similarities in the positions of Vietnam and China in the past three votes at the United Nations regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, to which neither Hanoi nor Beijing stepped up while using Moscow’s language that it was a “special military action“.

Asked if China would draw closer to Russia by voting against this, the US ambassador said: “It is clear that China is moving closer to Moscow, so I am not surprised that they voted against it. China has decided to side with the aggressor in this conflict and you must ask them to explain what their motives are for this.”

Nguyen Chinh Ket, a person who specializes in monitoring Vietnam’s political and human rights situation in Texas, USA, told VOA:

If, before a heinous crime like Russia’s against Ukraine, and Vietnam doesn’t dare to protest, against the removal of Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council, other countries in the world will continue to not trust the conscience of the Vietnamese Communists”.

The Communist state of Vietnam is considered to be very dependent on Russia and China, so it does not dare to do anything that goes against the will of Russia and China and Other countries will only see Vietnam as a vassal of China or Russia.”

The April 7 resolution was discussed and decided to suspend its membership in the UN Human Rights Council because of the main cause of the so-called “civilian massacre” in Russia. Bucha town, Ukraine.

Turn a blind eye

From Khanh Hoa, independent journalist Vo Van Tao made his comments about Vietnam’s latest move at the UN forum:

Vietnam has gone one step further, which is to radically vote against, that is, disapprove of the exclusion of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

The recent act of Russia towards neighboring Ukraine is to wage such an unreasonable, bloody, and cruel war, especially after it was discovered that the Russian army massacred in the city of Bucha and a number of urban areas. Even though Vietnam is close to Kyiv and still turns a blind eye to voting against this, it is completely detrimental to Vietnam’s political prestige and voice internationally.

Translated by from VOA:

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