After a billion-dollar business with China, going-to-be-Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh “swings his sword” to threaten his subordinates?

Perhaps Mr. Pham Minh Chinh, who is expected to become Vietnam’s next prime minister, wants to learn how Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong can seize power and accumulate powers. Pro-China was the first step as well as a pivotal method throughout Trong’s tenure as general secretary.

When Nguyen Phu Trong took his first visit to Beijing in 2012, Mr. Chinh was the communist chief of Quang Ninh. Surely, Mr. Trong’s step at that time also made Chinh understand. And at that time, PM Nguyen Tan Dung requested to implement Van Don special economic zone project. Having both the example of Trong and the opportunity given by Dung, Chinh immediately took the opportunity and followed Trong’s way.

Therefore, in 2013, Mr. Chinh connected with the Chinese side, and together with the chief architect of the Belt and Road Initiative, he made his ambition.

As a result, he was later admitted to the Politburo and assumed the position of head of the powerful Central Commission for Organization. He uses his first achievements to get promoted.

The beauty of Chinh is that he knows immediately that Trong’s tactics are useful for his career even before Trong gained his success. 2016 marked a spectacular turnaround of Nguyen Phu Trong against his rival Dung, this time also witnessed the success of Chinh after 2 years of connecting to create a good relationship with China. And it can be said that from then on, the steps of Trong were followed by Pham Minh Chinh.

It is known that Trong has two big tactics, that is, he creates a good relationship with Beijing to create power. From that power with foreign help, he took action to eliminate the opposing faction in the country to gain a unique position. According to folklore, foreign aid helps clear the grass inside. It is a very clear strategy that everyone can see, perhaps Mr. Chinh has not missed it!

Actually, discovering Trong’s plans early showed that Chinh was a smart and quick man. He saw Trong’s way when his colleagues had never recognized it. As a result, Chinh overcame all of them to occupy the prime minister’s chair as soon as the chair was still firmly in Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s hand.

The tenderness is a sign of submission underneath submission, a sign of a policy of future purge?

On March 27, 2021, Tuoi Tre newspaper published an article “Mr. Pham Minh Chinh: Disciplining is not fun, but must be done.” Speaking of Chinh quite cleverly, he said the words both soothing and threatening so that anyone who understood what he meant would understand. In the near future, he will hold 4 members of the Politburo, many members of the Central Party in the 18 ministries, 4 ministerial-level agencies, and 11 affiliated agencies with very large powers. Fully grasping the right to manage the economy and society of the whole country, of course, Mr. Chinh must know how to create a siege, and somehow he must make his subordinates obey.

The game has changed seats, Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s former subordinates now need to understand the story with Chinh, it is necessary. The article just published is a signal to those subordinates to know how to respect a new boss.

The sentence “Party building has made an important contribution to our nation’s structure, potentiality, position, prestige, making the Party unite, unified, cleaner, stronger, and more constructive. and strengthening people’s confidence, etc.” is a familiar saying by Mr. Trong. On the surface, it is party cleansing, but deep inside it is an instrument of internal fighting. Because if you look at it all, all the officials are involving in corruption and wrongdoings. Such a clean job is doing selectively, those who are not clean on our opponent’s side must be removed, and we will ignore the wrongdoings of those who are on our side. It is worth mentioning that the sentence was now coming from Chinh’s mouth. He uses exactly the same trick that Trong used.

In addition, since it was reported that Chinh will take over the position of prime minister, many times the press showed that it was the press that was controlled by him. Why? Because if you look closely, the press is an important component in the strategy to intimidate party members at subordinates.

The content of the article shows that Chinh is in good control of the press

On March 27, one week ahead of being promoted to the government leader, Chinh, in the role of head of the Central Organizing Commission, spoke out to rectify Party members at all levels. He made maximum use of the party’s tools to talk about “building the Party and implementing the Party’s charter.” Online conference with the participation of 1 million party members across the country is sure the majority of which will be under government management across the country.

Mr. Chinh said that in the context of the world and the region with many rapid, unpredictable, and unpredictable changes, the Party building and rectification work is particularly important at all levels. Or to put it simply that the issue of democracy and the support of the US and the West makes the party particularly important. Then he also talked about the most important thing, which is to promote the fight against corruption and waste – a powerful tool to purge opponents.

The tender comes after showing his teeth

The tender comes after showing his teeth, that talking about corruption. Mr. Chinh is indeed a player that is not inferior to Mr. Trong.

Mr. Chinh said: “We are not happy when disciplining many party members, but in our country’s conditions, the situation is such a recession, we have to do it. During the past term, 265,000 Party organizations and over 1.1 million party members were examined, disciplined 1,300 organizations, and nearly 70,000 party members. The anti-corruption work has been carried out seriously and drastically. In serious and complicated cases, the rate of asset recovery through corruption increases from 26% in 2016 to 38.43% in 2020.”

Any official under Chinh involving in corruption must be worried about such statistics. Reading the numbers, those who have not been revealed must be very worried “will be my turn.” Actually, this was a soothing word, but in that statement, there was a bullet hidden inside, so everyone was embarrassed.

Mr. Chinh emphasized: “Party building and reorganization is particularly focused, with high political determination, great effort, drastic action, achieving many important results. Many difficult and complicated problems have been raised, implemented many years ago but are not effective, now it has contributed results.”

Embracing Pham Minh Chinh also today, during his time as the head of the central organizing commission, he has taken action to reduce 4 central agencies, 97 provincial focal points, 6 provincial administrative units, reduction of over 10,000 chiefs, deputies …

Regarding streamlining payrolls, the number of people working with state budget allowances decreased by 500,000 people (down 15%) compared to April 2015. As a result, a decrease of 0.85% in recurrent expenditure in 2019 compared to 2017, which means VND10,000 billion/year, but still ensures an increase in base salary by 7%/year.

Actually, this is a beautiful achievement report, but it also shows that Mr. Chinh’s iron hand has pierced deeply from central to local levels. Who is sure that when he took over the prime minister he did not carry out another round of purges to consolidate his power?

Pham Minh Chinh, a figure that frightens many party members under his power?

In order to prolong the internal fighting from the time of the economic department head to the next prime minister, Chinh said that “the limitations that need to be overcome by Mr. Chinh are that the institutionalization of the resolution is still slow, organization acts are still important. Struggling to protect the ideological basis, rejecting wrong and hostile views, at times, there are times when it is still passive and lacking in sharpness. In particular, the recession remains complicated, self-evolving and self-transforming are a painful problem that needs to continue and be more persistent. Leadership enhancement, fighting strength in some Party organizational apparatus is still low, has not been strengthened, there is no mechanism to protect people who dare to think and dare to act in a transparent manner, etc.”

Yes! With such a saying, the party members under his authority must understand, the knife used for internal fighting of Chinh is still in his body, waiting for him to reuse when he sits in the new chair.

Discipline is not fun” or “If you not agree, I am not happy“?

Also according to Mr. Chinh, the work of cadres and the building of a contingent of cadres has been innovated carefully step by step. The internal political protection was more concerned, the evaluation of political standards of personnel of the 13th Congress, the personnel under the central management had mobilized 8 participating agencies.

Still the blade “party-building work.” Mr. Chinh said that over 35 years of renovation, the Party building work has made an important contribution to our country’s fortune. Or to be more precise, his main idea is: “In order for the party to be strong, it is necessary to punish violating cadres, although punishing comrades is very painful.” It is very difficult to distinguish a comrade who betrays the party from a comrade who betrays his boss. Sometimes not accepting the boss’s way of doing, but the subordinates are still loyal to the party? That ambiguity makes it easy for those who have high political tricks to gain power. Surely a master person like Chinh knows how to use this technique.

In the 11th term, we stipulate that all levels of government receive people, but party committees and party secretaries rarely receive people. There are even places where the protesters flock to the headquarters of the provincial Party Committee, district Party Committee, the responsible comrades even report that the Party Secretary, the district Party Committee should stop coming back, people are surrounded,” Mr. Chinh stated, adding this situation was not acceptable.

In the last days as head of the Central Organizing Commission, Chinh noted that party members at all levels need to build a contingent of cadres, especially at the strategic level and the head, to improve the inspection, supervision, and discipline. Tighten the relationship between the Party and the people, persistently fight against corruption, and waste, etc.

This speech is the message, this talk is the message to the subordinate party members that, with the new capacity, what Chinh will do to have a more homogeneous and obedient government apparatus. Outside befriended closely with Xi Jinping, inside control his subordinates. Chinh is maybe even more frightening than Trong in the near future. (Translated)

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