Why do the state-controlled newspapers say “bad, toxic, and anti-state and Party Congress” news increases?

An article on the Vietnamese television station’s electronic newspaper titled “Preventing malicious information before the party congress”

“While the preparation for the party’s National Congress is being carried out in an urgent, serious and meticulous manner with the highest sense of responsibility, there is also an increasing frequency of information, distorting and defamatory statements of this great political event.”

That is one of the sentences taken from the original article in An Ninh Thu Do (Capital City Security) titled “Cruel tricks against the personnel work of the Party Congress.”

This statement is not new, but it is consistent with the so-called anti-peaceful development goal that newspapers such as the People’s Police or Capital City Security often repeat each important event held by the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam. Freelance journalist Nguyen Vu Binh, former reporter of the Communist Magazine:

It is a regular job, but compared to previous years, about a few months before the congress took place, the human resource work has already finished. Especially this time, the staff has not finished yet, Politburo’s members have not been determined. Because of that, critical voices were analyzed about factional fights in the preparation of this 13th Congress, so the state-run media was the response.”

Screenshot of the article on the security of the capital “Cruel tricks against the personnel work of the Party Congress”

An Ninh Thu Do newspaper said that there was malicious, slanderous, and fabricated information about the personnel work of the Party Congress. This is a very serious work that is being carried out, but the news is misplaced as the senior staff for the next tenure has been arranged and the election is just formal, defaming and slandering about the senior leaders, distorting internal contradictions, especially tricks to set up stories about “the faction” and “internal fighting” between fractions.

According to freelance journalist Nguyen Vu Binh, such old and arrogant words indicate the unprofessionalism of a newspaper responsible for propaganda for the party:

Subjectively, they have nothing to say. The critics, those who tell the truth about the selection of the party personnel, fighting, faction of things … are they only give information, they do not comment on whether the congress is successful or not, this could not elect a key official or a Politburo. They did not say that, but the state-run newspaper objected, and they said it was a failure. State-run newspapers kept drawing up other conspiracies for people and said they failed.”

Mr. JB Nguyen Huu Vinh, currently acting chairman of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam, an organization that has many members recently arrested by the Vietnamese government, said that all allegations, as before and after, were unchanged in a newspaper which is read by few people, is even more unable to convince anyone at this moment:

Geezer, fabricated, silly! The last article was like an achievement report. Why is a party called the wisdom of humanity, the science of all science, then the party of the people, is morality and civilization but has such hostile actions.”

In summary, this is an achievement report to reinforce the position and role of ‘overpowering the neck of the people’ and its role of the ruling.”

From the beginning of the year until now, the An Ninh Thu Do newspaper continued, the police have coordinated with other authorities to handle more than 2,500 cases of law violations in the information field with many different levels. Criminal handling has been carried out against more than 100 subjects, the administrative handling of nearly 800 subjects. Vietnam Security force has also disabled more than 1,600 anti-sabotage objects, removed thousands of articles and video clips with malicious content.

The newspaper also said that the authorities in the field of information and communication regularly request and recommend cross-border information platforms such as Google, Facebook … to actively review and discover channels, video with malicious, false, distorted content, etc to prevent and remove.

These are actions that violate freedom of expression, freedom of expression, two rights that the State of Vietnam is afraid to hear from critical sources, independent journalist JB Nguyen Huu Vinh affirmed:

Wherever it is revealed, it is a crime, it is a reality, no need to say anything beautiful. The article said that, to expose themselves like that without being embarrassed. Marxism-Leninism people say that in anything, organization, or anything, there are contradictions to motivate development. Eliminating internal contradictions, denying that there are contradictions is against the law that communism makes.

Second, it is not known the new truth that gives rise to the leak, but if it is transparent, then clearly after that, there is nothing to let the leak or rumors. They said the truth told people to fight, say that spreading false news like the meeting staff was finished and an election is only a formality. That is the communist’s course of course needing anyone to say. The article has exposed to the public a lack of publicity and transparency of the regime.”

If it is said that personnel work for the Party Congress is extremely important, no one has the right to sabotage or distort, does the Party and the State dare to admit mistakes about personnel of the 12th Party Congress, is that? The question of the military medical doctor who quit the party, Dr. Dinh Duc Long:

If you are really pure, really fair, really good, then why you are afraid. People whispered that the Party Congresses in the past had been successful, so arresting the crime of Ho Chi Minh City Party Secretary Dinh La Thang proves that the 12th Party Congress chose the wrong cadres. Committing crimes before, committing crimes like that but still giving them up, still put them in a high position, and then go to prison. Knowing it was guilty before, why they did not exclude him from the party.”

There is fire, there is smoke,” Mr. Dinh Duc Long repeated a folk saying that power is in the hands of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the military forces, the police are also held by the party, and he reiterated the former case of Politburo member, former secretary of Ho Chi Minh City, and former Minister of Transport and Transport Dinh La Thang. This is the former senior official who is serving a sentence and is about to go to court in another case.

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Source: https://www.rfa.org/vietnamese/news/vietnamnews/why-state-media-says-info-against-state-increases-before-the-congress-11282020085659.html