Contributions-wrongdoings of Nguyen Duc Chung

On the evening of August 28, the investigation officers and representatives of the Supreme People’s Procuracy jointly carried out search of suspended Hanoi Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung’s private residence on Trung Liet street and office at the Hanoi People’s Committee headquarters. Mr. Chung did not appear in both of these locations, online outlet VnExpress made such a comment.

The search of Mr. Chung’s private residence in his absence was judged not in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law by lawyers. Moreover, there was no photo of Mr. Chung after being probed and arrested, so there was a lot of public prodigies.

Many policemen dressed in uniforms, plain clothes, and even representatives of the Procuracy were present at the search of Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung’s house on Aug 28

There are even people who say that Chung’s absence and no pictures in the press support the assumption that Mr. Chung was poisoned before, but this is only speculation.

The lawyers cited Article 195 of the Criminal Procedure Code which stipulates that:

When searching for accommodation, there must be the involved person or person aged full 18 years or older in the same place, with representatives of the commune, ward, town authorities, and witnesses. Do not conduct the search at night, except in emergency cases, and must specify the reason in the record.”

Regarding the news about Mr. Chung having health problems, Major General To An Xo, chief of the Secretariat cum the spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security said that when the authorities carried out the proceedings, Mr. Chung’s heath is normal. “Mr. Chung is in normal health,” he said.

Hanoi People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung, 53 years old, came to work at the Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Public Security and the arrest was made here on the afternoon of August 28.

Mr. Chung went to France for surgery twice in 2015 and 2016 due to his problem of rectum and lungs.

From August 11, when the Prime Minister suspended his position for 90 days, Mr. Chung was regularly present at the headquarters of the Hanoi People’s Committee to resolve some of the remaining tasks and work with related investigating agencies in three cases, the Ministry of Public Security added.

Blogger Bui Thanh Hieu said that the press was manipulated by the authorities so it is not trustworthy, he asked:

“- Why Mr. Chung had to go to his office every day by the public vehicle after being suspended from his duties? What was he doing there?

– Could the report served to hide the fact that he was hospitalized?

– Reporters, who meet Mr. Chung at the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Hanoi for what? Where are their reports for those meetings?

Questions of Mr. Bui Thanh Hieu still have not been answered because up to now, no one has seen the picture of Mr. Chung when he was arrested like in other cases.

Hanoi people are jammed this way in front of Mr. Chung’s house to film and take photos

The domestic newspaper described that on the evening of August 28, there were two blue-sea cars carrying 3 officers of the Investigation Security Agency, a representative of the Supreme People’s Procuracy and about 5 people in plain clothes to search Mr. Chung’s residence at 88 Trung Liet. After 2 hours of work, the litigation agency left this house and took with them many sealed boxes of documents.

On Facebook Le Nguyen Huong Tra has more updates:

As once said, after Chairman Chung was suspended for 3 months (August 11), many people questioned why he was taken down while the other remains untouched (like leaders in Bac Ninh and Thai Binh recently).

In Chung’s case, it was because of clashes in the Ministry of Public Security. Specifically, here is Lieutenant General Ngoc, who was a deputy of Mr. Chung when Chung was the director of the Hanoi Police Department?

General Ngoc is the one who directs the investigation of Nhat Cuong’s case. Not only Ngoc, but also in the Ministry of Public Security, many people disliked Chung appearing. And yet, the fact that Mr. Chung is considered one of the candidates for the position of Minister of Public Security next term. At the same time, Mr. Phan Dinh Trac also showed off this chair, making Mr. Chung a rival!? ” Ms. Le Nguyen Huong Tra raised the question.

Dan Viet newspaper quoted a leader of the Ministry of Public Security as saying: During the investigation, the Security Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Public Security probed Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung on the crime of appropriating documents of State secrets. But it has not informed what secret document that Mr. Chung has appropriated. Police are continuing to expand the investigation of the case.

Major General To An Xo said: According to the initial investigation, Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung was involved in 3 cases.

The investigative agency gave boxes of documents after the search, leaving Mr. Chung’s home

Firstly, the case of “Smuggling,” “Violation of accounting regulations causes serious consequences,” “Money laundering,” and “Violation of bidding regulations cause serious consequences” occurred at Nhat Cuong Trading and Technical Services Co., the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment and a number of related units.

Second, the case of “Violation of regulations on the management and use of State property causes loss and waste” occurred in Hanoi city.

The third is the case of “Seizing state secret documents.”

Regarding the appropriation of confidential documents in the case of “Nhat Cuong Company” which was investigated by the Investigation Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security, the Security Investigation Agency probed and arrested Nguyen Anh Ngoc, born in 1974 who was deputy director of Secretariat-Editorial, Office of Hanoi People’s Committee;

The press also retold special stories about Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung.

I have statistics showing 150 out of more than 180 pavement beer stalls are backed by police officers. Are district secretaries or chairpersons of the district willing to assure me that the parking spots in their localities have no involvement of your family members?”

That was the statement of Hanoi Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung on March 4,.2017 in a conference on ensuring traffic order and safety, urban order with full of literature, martial arts officials, districts and communes. No one answered Mr. Chung’s question.

And Chairman Chung answered himself: “I would like to say all of you have involved in these affairs.”

If you request your relatives, it will be a lot better. If you don’t do this this time, I will specify where the district secretaries have involved, where the chairmen, where the head of the Ward, even the heads of the department are!”

Then Hanoi went to fix the things but for some time, things retured at they were


And Chairman Chung’s declaration of war and 150/180 pubs are backed up, and the interests of the sidewalk group and the catastrophe of the campaign to claim the pavement for the people are now only reiterated when … “incident rose.”

Major General Nguyen Duc Chung, then Director of the Hanoi Police Department at the discussion session on the revised Criminal Code on the afternoon of May 26, 2015, gave the view that there is no reason not to implement execution in corruption cases

Poor people who go into drug trafficking are sentenced to death. There is no reason why state officials with positions and knowledge but embezzlement and corruption are not executed. Someone who has a degree, is knowledgeable of the law, has an education, is corrupt, and escapes the death penalty, something is not fair here.” That was also a famous quote by Nguyen Duc Chung but the National Assembly did not support it.

Today, everywhere are old stories: Cutting the grass of Thang Long Avenue for VND53 billion, planting 1 million trees, to importing garbage trucks and of course, cleaning To Lich river with chemicals imported exclusive by Chung-backed firm.

During the tenure of Mr. Chung as the city chairman, Hanoi planted more than one million trees. Many boulevards before that were only covered with trees such as Vo Nguyen Giap (to Noi Bai airport), Vo Van Kiet, Thang Long Avenue … now the two sides of the road are shaded with green trees. Even many roads in the inner city such as Xa Dan, Giai Phong, Vo Chi Cong, Nguyen Hoang Ton … have been planted with many new trees over the years.

What can be done for the people, the people all know. What is debt is still debt. As well as what is wrong, there must be responsibility. It is probably fair.

Journalist Doan Kien Giang expressed regret for Chung and listed Mr. Chung’s achievements in four serious cases where he used the word “legendary“:

1 – Xieng Penh – Vu Xuan Truong drug case: Chung at that time was the deputy chief of the criminal investigation team, Hanoi Police Department, the unit directly investigating the case.

2 – The murder of the whole family at Kim Sinh Gold Shop, Hanoi: Chung was then the head of the criminal investigation team, directly chasing the criminals in Ha Nam.

3 – The case of Nguyen Duc Nghia cutting off his lover’s head: This is a special feat of Hanoi Police when the case was broken in a few days with the direct guidance of Chung, then deputy head of the Hanoi investigation agency.

4 – The Thanh Xuan hostage case: General Chung, the director of the Hanoi Police department at that time, called to talk and advise the perpetrator four times. Later, Chung went alone to meet the perpetrator who was holding 4 hostages. After 10 minutes of talking, the perpetrator agreed to release the hostages, followed General Chung into his car to the investigation agency, and the four victims were saved. (Translated)